The Xeranthemum Genus

Xeranthemum is a very small genus which belongs to the sunflower family, Asteraceae.

All plants within the genus (and there are only six of them) belong to the Mediterranean parts of Europe in the south.

Xeranthemum At A Glance

They are easily recognizable for their daisy-shaped flowers, which come in cool shades of white, pink and purple, creating the perfect contrast against the gray leaves.

The blooms also make great cut flowers, which suit a range of color schemes and styles.

You may also know these flowers as everlasting flowers, for the longevity of the cut flowers, but also for how they retain nearly all of their color and form when they are dried.

Xeranthemum Name Meaning

The genus name is made of two Greek words, xeros, and anthemon, meaning dry flower, referencing how the plants like dry weather, and will flower when the conditions are right.

Xeranthemum Symbolism

Xeranthemum flowers signify enduring love, immortality, eternity, and joy.

Xeranthemum Growing Requirements

All xeranthemums are annual plants, so keep this in mind when choosing flowers for your garden.

You’ll have to sow new seeds every year, but this is a small price to pay for such gorgeous flowers.

Xeranthemums are hardy in zones 2 through to 10, and flower from summer well into fall if the weather allows. 

Depending on the species you select, xeranthemums can reach between a foot and 3 feet high.

One thing that these stunning plants absolutely need is full sunlight.

They also like good soil with plenty of nutrition, and a good amount of drainage, otherwise these plants will rot.

Grow them in a sheltered spot, or prepare to give them some support in an exposed area to help prop up the delicate stems from the wind.

They need an average amount of water, and don’t require a lot of attention from you, making them the perfect summer plants.

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