Peace Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Peace lilies are very popular plants usually grown indoors. They are very forgiving houseplants and will tolerate a lot of conditions that other plants grown indoors would simply die in.

They will happily weather drafty positions such as above fireplaces, as well as near windows and doors without any problems, and they will also survive low light without any issues. 

It also makes a striking gift, but do you know what message it carries? Let’s take a look.

Where Does The Name Peace Lily Come From?

Thanks to their white blooms that look a little like flags from a distance, and their leaves which look a little like hands reaching towards the light, this is where the common name comes from.

It also comes from the Latin word pax, which means peace. One of the most popular houseplants across the world, the peace lily (see also The Differences Between Peace Lilies And Calla Lilies) symbolizes calm, tranquility, and serenity.

This is why they are often given to someone who is having a hard time in life, someone who has fallen ill, or as part of funeral flowers to honor someone’s memory.

Part of the Araceae plant family, you’ll also see these plants labeled under the Spathiphyllum genus, and while what we call the white flowers are technically not flowers at all, they are referred to as spathes.

What Do Peace Lilies Mean?

Peace lilies represent peace, tranquility, forgiveness, wisdom, and spirituality. They are often associated with a journey of finding spiritual peace and wisdom, and there are other meanings too.

Peace lilies can also symbolize good luck, well wishes, and the ability to live at peace with themselves, and anything life brings to them. 

The Cultural Significance Of The Peace Lily

Peace lilies have been coveted indoor houseplants for hundreds of years, representing wealth, prosperity, and peace, especially when people just started to keep them as houseplants, as this represented the owner’s status in keeping such a tropical-looking bloom.

Some people also use it as an air purifier, as it does extract benzene, formaldehyde, and other contaminants from the air, but it does it in such low concentrations that it isn’t a worthwhile option on its own.

Instead, it forms part of some extremely beautiful houseplant displays, adding a tropical touch to any room, especially in low light levels where other plants would not survive. 

It’s worth noting that the peace lily is toxic if ingested, so keep it out of reach of pets and children.

What Does A Peace Lily Tattoo Mean?

A peace lily tattoo can mean different things depending on the owner’s associations with this beautiful plant.

For some, the flower represents enlightenment, wisdom, and purity, and signifies how you have grown along your spiritual path.

For others, a peace lily tattoo celebrates life and all its beauty, as well as resilience in general. 

These plants are incredibly tough, weathering conditions that other plants simply would not survive in, adapting to drafty and dark corners (and if you’re a houseplant enthusiast, you may know that not many houseplants will tolerate these conditions and survive, let alone flower).

Peace lilies also symbolize healing and tranquility, and how you have moved on from a tough period in life and overcome the worst to now enjoy what life has to offer with fresh energy and enthusiasm. 

It also makes an unusual and beautiful tattoo subject, which celebrates individuality, the unconventional, and the weird and wonderful.

When Should You Send A Peace Lily As A Gift?

Peace lilies are the perfect housewarming present. Not only do they have the air-purifying quality, but they also represent tranquility and peace, symbolizing the wish that your loved one will be very happy in their new home.

Peace lilies also look perfect as part of large bouquets, symbolizing the tranquil moments that life can give us.

They also make a good gift for someone unwell or going through a difficult time, as it is said to promote calm and happiness and symbolize your sympathies at the same time.

For those who practice Feng Shui, this is a perfect houseplant gift, as it promotes balance, and is said to reduce stress in the home while decreasing negative emotions and energies.

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