List Of Flower Names Beginning With X

Xanthoceras Sorbifolium

Xanthoceras sorbifolium, goldenhorn, the Chinese flowering chestnut, or yellowhorn comes from the soapberry family, and is the only species within the Xanthoceras genus. 

It hails from northern parts of China, and grows as either a large shrub or tree, reaching a maximum height of 26 feet.

This plant produces an abundance of white blossom in late spring into early summer, which is followed by fruit.

The foliage, blossoms, and seeds are edible, and the seeds are said to have a flavor similar to a macadamia nut. 


Xeranthemums are beautiful hardy annuals, which can reach between 2 and 3 feet tall. Purple flowers appear on top of the silvery foliage, blooming in the summer and fall.

These plants come from Southern Europe, as part of the sunflower family.

Xeranthemum annuum is also known as annual everlasting, or immortelle, is a popular garden species, and has naturalized in many places. 

This type features silvery foliage, and daisy-like flowers blooming in white, lilac, and purple. 

They make the perfect cut flowers, lasting for a good long while. If you hang them upside down to dry them, you’ll notice that they’ll hardly lose any color or shape, hence the everlasting theme.

These annuals need well-draining soil and full sunlight to produce seas of flowers. 

Xyris Difformis

The bog yelloweyed grass, or Xyris difformis, comes from North America, and is a lovely herbaceous perennial.

As the name suggests, this plant likes very boggy habitats, such as the shores of lakes, rivers, and ponds.

It won’t survive in normal soil, but it does make a good plant for lining ponds, streams, or lakes.

Flowers come in bright yellow or white.


Also known as Bracteantha, xerochrysum comes from Australia, and it’s a relatively newly discovered plant, only defined in 1990.

Sometimes labeled as golden everlasting, there’s under 10 named species which are currently part of the genus. 

Xerochrysum bracteatum is an annual plant which can get up to 3 feet tall, producing a spray of bright yellow or white flowers. 

It’s a versatile plant, able to adapt to many growing conditions, especially those not found in its native environment. 

It’s also easy to hybridize, meaning that more flower colors have been created, usually sold in mixed seed packets.


Sometimes called brushhollies, these plants come from the willow plant family, some of which are very fragrant plants.

All species in this genus flower, typically in yellow racemes which have a strong perfume. It’s worth noting that you need both a male and a female plant for them to produce fruit.

They make great hedges or topiary plants, and also serve as food plants for caterpillars of butterflies.

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