List Of Flower Names Beginning With I


Iberis plants are fantastic annuals or perennials that will fill any bare spaces in your garden with colors of white, pink, and purple.

They need nearly freely draining soil, which makes them perfect for rockeries, and places which get dry very quickly. 

They have a very long bloom season, so you can enjoy them for months!

Most varieties prefer full sunlight where possible, where they will stay fairly compact, but they’ll hold their own in any garden design.

Iceland Poppy

The Iceland poppy is an easy-to-grow perennial from the plant family Papaveraceae, or the poppy family.  

It has large, showy flowers that come in shades of red, orange, yellow, and cream.

This plant grows well in sunny positions in well-draining soil.

Ice Plant

The ice plant, or delosperma, is one of the most widely-planted flowering succulents for rockeries and containers.

It’s also known as the “ice plant” because it looks like a giant icicle when it blooms.

The flowers can come in many colors, but usually feature bright pink or yellow.


The Ilex genus includes several species of holly, featuring spiky, glossy leaves, white flowers, and red berries.

These trees are popular for landscaping due to their fast growth rate and ability to grow in a wide range of climates.

It also helps that the spiky foliage can deter unwanted visitors, too, making it a favorite of having under garden boundaries such as walls or fences.

Ilex plants range in appearance depending on the type you choose, some of which can grow to 3 meters tall, while others get to about 30cm tall.

It’s worth noting that holly plants are dioecious, which means that the plant only produces male, or female parts. If you want flowers or berries, you’ll need to get both plants for pollination to occur.


Sometimes known as  snapweed, touch-me-not, and patience, this genus of plant comes from the Balsaminaceae plant family.

It’s a big genus, made up of over 1000 plants which are native to the tropics and the Northern Hemisphere.

There are hundreds of different types of Impatiens, and each variety tends to be named after its flower color.

Many of these varieties are popular houseplants, but there are also plenty of ornamental ones available.

These plants are easy to grow, making them perfect for beginners, or gardens who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Indian Pink

The Indian pink is a beautiful, fragrant herbaceous perennial plant from the Loganiaceae plant family. 

It flowers during June, in dappled or full shade. These striking plants do well in damp soil which never gets boggy. 

Indian pinks make a great statement in pots, rockeries, or as border plants, and will stay compact. 

Ipheion Uniflorum

The Ipheion uniflorum, springstar, or the spring starflower is a member of the Amaryllis plant family, related to the alliums. 

This hardy perennial plant features gorgeous, star-shaped flowers which grow from bulbs. 

They will also naturalize well, providing your garden with lots of white or blue flowers.

Ipomoea Alba

The Ipomoea alba, white morning glory, is a member of the Convolvulaceae plant family.

It’s a vine with long stems that climb upward using tendrils, sometimes reaching 30 feet long or more. 

It’s best grown in moist conditions in at least partial sunlight, but remember that once you plant a morning glory in your garden, you will never get rid of it.


Among the most striking plants you can get, the iris genus has been used throughout history to create stunning floral arrangements.

You’ll find dozens of different types of irises, ranging from small, single petal flowers to large, double-petaled flowers.

Some of the most common types include: bearded irises, crested irises, and dwarf irises.

These gorgeous plants come in nearly every color you can imagine, and need well-draining soil and plenty of sunlight to produce their flowers.

Italian Aster

The Italian aster is a member of the Asteraceae plant family, and is one of the easiest perennials you can buy.

It’s a low-growing plant with daisy-like blooms, and grows quickly. In the last weeks of summer, well into fall, you’ll notice that the aster will flower reliably when most perennials have finished (see also Flowers For Fall).

Ivy Leaf Geranium

The ivy leaf geranium is a member of the Geraniaceae plant family, and was originally cultivated by the Romans.

It’s an attractive, evergreen trailing plant which makes it perfect for balconies, hanging pots, and rockeries. 

The flowers are usually in a lovely pastel shade, usually in shades of pinks, whites, and reds.


The ixia is a member of the Iris plant family, and you can see the resemblance in the sword-shaped leaves.

These plants hail from South Africa, and produce long flower stems with starry flowers, typically with a mild perfume. 

What they provide in drama, they lack in longevity. These beautiful plants are frequently treated as annuals, as they won’t survive hard frosts.

Even when they are grown as perennials, they don’t last long. 

You may also know some of these plants as corn lilies. These bulbs need well draining soil and at least partial sunlight to thrive.

The plants will produce more flowers and be much healthier in a sheltered, sunny position.


The ixora is a member of the Rubiaceae plant family, and the flowers come in many colors including pink, purple, yellow, orange, and white.

These shrubs and trees have a lot to offer any garden. You may also know them as West Indian jasmine, jungle flame, or the jungle geranium, among others.

It also makes a great bonsai tree.

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