Larkspur Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The larkspur flower grows in clusters atop tall flower spikes, and comes in shades of pink, white, blue, and purple. These can even be bicolored. 

While the larkspur is widely renowned for its beauty, it has a lot of symbolism behind it which isn’t as widely known as those which are attached to other blooms.

Keep reading to discover the symbolism behind the larkspur flower, and the potential sources for them.  

What does ‘Larkspur’ Mean?

Larkspur actually refers to two separate genera of plants, Consolida, which makes up around 40 annuals, and Delphinium, which is a group of 300 perennials. 

Larkspur and Delphinium (see also Delphinium Flower Symbolism) are closely related, and either name can refer to either flower or even a hybrid of the two, just to make things more confusing.

For the purposes of this article, we’re looking at the Larkspur flower, from the Consolida genus.

The name Larkspur comes from the elongated petals on each flower, as they resemble the hind claws or “spurs” of a meadowlark. 

The Symbolism Behind the Larkspur Flowers

While typically considered an old-fashioned flower, these striking blooms are coming back into fashion in a big way, and it’s worth noting their meaning, as they last for a long time as a cut flower.

While the specific colors of the bloom can change the meaning, there is some universal symbolism attached to this flower. 

Love or strong emotional attachment is the main meaning behind the bloom, as well as a pure heart. This flower can also indicate a need for humor or a light-hearted tone.

What does a Pink Larkspur Flower Represent?

Pink larkspur flowers can suggest a change of heart for the wrong reasons, or being plagued by indecision.

What does a Purple Larkspur Flower Signify?

Purple larkspur flowers symbolize the intensity of a first love, and how the echoes of it can stay with you throughout your life.

What does a White Larkspur Flower Symbolize?

White larkspur flowers represent joy and someone pure of heart.

What does a Blue Larkspur Bloom Represent?

Blue larkspur flowers symbolize grace and respect for someone.

What is the Cultural Significance of the Larkspur Flowers?

The Larkspur flower has been entrenched in myths around the world. 

In Native American legend, a celestial being descended from heaven, using pieces of the sky shaped into a spike to climb down safely. The warmth of the sun dried the spike and caused it to shatter.

The wind scattered the pieces, and where they landed, the larkspur flowers bloomed, and each blue or white bloom was as vivid as the sky above.

In Greek mythology, once Achilles had died, Ulysses and Ajax both wanted his arms for themselves. The Greeks gave the arms to Ulysses, sending Ajax into a terrible and inconsolable rage.

Ajax killed himself with a sword, and where his blood soaked the earth, the larkspur grew and bloomed.

In Christian legend, once Jesus had died on the cross and his body was moved to a cave with a boulder blocking the entrance, some people doubted he would return.

A small rabbit sat outside and waited, when some people didn’t. When Jesus emerged, the rabbit was overjoyed. Christ picked a blue larkspur, and told the rabbit to recognize its face within the flower. In this way, the blue larkspur is a symbol of faith.

What does a Larkspur Flower Tattoo Mean?

Larkspur flowers in tattoos symbolize a great love for life or someone in particular who has brought a wealth of joy or love into your life.

As it is the birth flower of July, it can symbolize someone special who has a birthday in July, or the person with the tattoo themselves. 

The larkspur can also embody a light heart of someone who is not afraid of getting hurt by being honest and genuine to those around them.

When Should You Give Someone Larkspur Flowers?

Larkspur flowers make great cut flowers for any occasion. Purple larkspurs can be given to a first love, or to someone who was your first love as a reminder of the connection between you. 

They are especially significant for housewarmings, for people who have birthdays in July, or as a celebration for one of life’s milestones. 

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