Hyacinth Flower Meaning and Symbolism

While popular as both an indoor plant and an ornamental garden plant, the hyacinth remains as popular as it ever was. It’s withstood the test of time, and changes within fashion and culture.

The hyacinth is often given as a gift, and the flowers have a signature scent which is heady and hard to beat.

Just like its enigmatic fragrance, this flower holds some heavy symbolism. 

What does ‘Hyacinth’ Mean?

You might be tempted, because of its plethora of blooms and its lovely scent, to give the hyacinth as a gift. While that will be well-received nine times out of ten, it’s worth thinking about who you’re giving it to.

Why? If the person you want to give a hyacinth to is familiar with flower meanings, you may want to hold off on giving this particular flower. If you were thinking about giving them this flower by itself, I mean.

Hyacinths, specifically yellow hyacinths, carry the meaning of jealousy. Or, this might be exactly what you want to convey. Who knows? Only you. 

One way to get around a flower miscommunication is to give several flowers which have similar meanings. In this way, your gift is on safer ground, and the reasons behind it are clearer.

Hyacinths aren’t all bad news when it comes to what they represent. Additionally, these blooms symbolize sincerity, grief, enduring love, and success in sport.

What is the Symbolism behind the Hyacinth Flower?

The Hyacinth In Greek Myth

There are several versions to how the hyacinth got its name, but most refer to 

Hyakinthos, which was the name of a young man. 

In one version, he was murdered out of jealousy. In another, he was the lover of Apollo, and his death was a tragic accident. 

Both stories tell of Apollo teaching Hyacinth to play quoit. Apollo threw the discus with such strength that it cut the clouds. Hyacinth ran to catch it, but it bounced off the ground and hit him in the head. 

Apollo tried everything, but Hyacinth died, as it was decreed by the Fates. Apollo wanted to follow him into death, but that was just as impossible as saving him. 

In this story, Apollo created the hyacinth flower from his blood, and each petal had “Al Al” inscribed into it, which means alas. 

What does a Blue Hyacinth Mean?

A blue hyacinth represents sincerity, sorrow, and eternal love. It also resembles Hyacinth’s blood, as in the myth, the flower that grew from his blood was blue. 

What does a Purple Hyacinth Symbolize?

Purple hyacinths refer to spirituality, forgiveness, and luxury. Purple hyacinths are a good gift for someone who you respect and hold gratitude towards them. 

What does a White Hyacinth Represent?

Like most white flowers, a white hyacinth has religious and spiritual associations. 

What does a Red Hyacinth Mean?

Red hyacinths represent romance, desire, and love, although they aren’t commonly given as romantic gifts. This might be because of the origin myth – it wasn’t exactly a happy ending.

What does a Yellow Hyacinth Symbolize?

A yellow hyacinth means jealousy. Although, it can also stand for spring, and the Easter holiday, where hyacinth bulbs are often made to flower during this time. 

When Should You Give Someone Hyacinths?

White hyacinths are good for when you want someone to know that they are in your thoughts, and that you’re praying for them. 

This is a good gift for someone who is struggling with something. It’s a reminder that they aren’t alone, and that they have your support to count on. 

Blue hyacinths represent sincerity and eternal love, and combined with other flowers, this can make a poignant gift. 

Purple hyacinths are a good choice when you want to express your thanks to someone who was there for you during a difficult time, as well as conveying how much you appreciate your life with them in it.

Hyacinths are the perfect gift if you combine them in an arrangement or a bouquet with other flowers which have similar meanings. 

They add a lot of fragrance and structure to any arrangement, and the scent can fill a whole room, reminding the recipient of you and your message whenever they walk in. 

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