Honeysuckle Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The honeysuckle is prized in many cultures for its beautifully sweet fragrance, and delicate-looking blooms, produced on a hardy plant that will attract a huge amount of pollinators.

It’s admired not just for its beauty, or its edible nectar or uses in the garden, but also for its symbolism.

What does ‘Honeysuckle’ Mean?

The name honeysuckle comes from the sweet nectar produced by its unusual flowers, which many pollinators are attracted to, and want to feed from. 

This makes an impressive display if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where there are hummingbirds, as they are one of the hummingbird’s favorite flowers!

The nectar is also one of the rare ones that are safe for humans, too. 

There are several scientific names for the honeysuckle, as there are many varieties, some of which are more invasive to non-native countries than others. 

The genus name, Lonicera is named after Adam Lonicer, a German botanist, who published significant findings on herbs during the Renaissance.   

What do Honeysuckle Flowers Mean?

Like many flowers, the honeysuckle has had many meanings over the centuries, but with the years, a mostly universal meaning has settled over this beautiful bloom.

The honeysuckle is a symbol of joy, happiness, and a sign of plenty. This is in part because of its uplifting scent, and how it’s prized by many insects and even hummingbirds as a source of food.

The honeysuckle also symbolizes everlasting love, resilience, and devotion, which is reflected in how the plant is very hardy to harsh conditions, and once established, honeysuckles are very difficult to remove, and some species are very invasive.

Like other climbing flowers, the honeysuckle is also a symbol of affection and deep devotion, as the vine will clamber on anything it can reach in order to keep the new flowers in the sun’s warmth.

Honeysuckle blooms come in a few colors, such as red, yellow, white, and pink, but the overarching meaning is the same no matter what color the flowers are.

What is the Cultural Significance behind the Honeysuckle?

In Chinese traditional medicine, the honeysuckle is an important herb, known as Jin Yin Hua, which can help as an ingredient in clearing toxicity from the body, useful in relieving many health problems. 

The honeysuckle flowers were used by the Druids as the 23rd letter in the Ogham alphabet. 

The honeysuckle was said to represent a guide to hidden knowledge, as well as a symbol of protection that some people would use for warding, at the same time attracting positive things.  

In France, the honeysuckle represents a generous, true love that gives more to your life than it takes. 

To the Victorians, honeysuckle was one of the most common symbols of love and affection, not just because of its notable appearance and sweet scent, but also in the way the vine clings to what it can. 

What does a Honeysuckle Tattoo Mean?

A honeysuckle tattoo is usually in honor of someone, used to represent an undying love, whether that person is living or dead. 

It represents that the love between you has changed who you are to some extent, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Honeysuckle tattoos can also be connected to childhood nostalgia and hot summer days when you were younger. 

This enigmatic flower is also used to represent someone who is sweet beyond all measure, someone who is always there for you, no matter what they may have going on in their own life.

They are also a symbol traditionally associated with protection, as these flowers are believed to ward off misfortune and invite good luck for the future. 

They are also beautiful flowers in their own right – as you know, tattoos don’t always have to have a specific meaning, but they can be valued for their beauty, too. 

When Should You Give Someone Honeysuckle?

While they’re not commonly used as a cut flower on their own, giving them as a gift can be very symbolic. 

Giving someone a honeysuckle flower lets someone know that you value them greatly, and they bring a lot of happiness into your life. 

This flower is also a sign of wishing them well – especially if you’re parting for a time, or forever. 

As the honeysuckle is a plentiful resource for all manner of wildlife, the flower represents how you wish them only good fortune, and that they’ll never want for anything. 

Honeysuckle is an uplifting and unusual flower, so they’re suitable for nearly any occasion you can imagine.

They’re at the best during June, and fittingly, they are also the birth flower for June.  

It’s also a flower used to symbolize good luck, and protection from misfortune – so it carries a lovely message for any gift you wish to send, wrapped up in an enigmatic flower with a cheering scent. 

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