Freesia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Freesias are fantastic flowers which introduce a lot of fragrance, whether that’s indoors as a cut flower, or a cloud of perfume outdoors. 

But they’re not just admired for their delicate beauty or their perfume, they also carry a lot of significance, too.

This is just one of the reasons why florists make sure that they have freesias throughout the year, although in their natural habitat, they flower in spring. 

Behind The Name: What Does ‘Freesia’ Mean?

The Freesia (see also Flower Names Starting With F) refers to a genus of plants which produce flowers, related to the iris. The genus and the flower is named after Friedrich Freese, who was both a botanist and medical doctor. 

The man who named the flower, a botanist named Christian P. Ecklon was a friend of Freese, and he named it in honor of their great friendship.

The Significance of Freesias

Thanks to the freesia’s petite and delicate appearance, as well as its abundance of perfume, there are a lot of meanings behind this enigmatic flower. 

The symbolism is largely dictated by the color of the flower, but there are a few general meanings, too.

Freesias often represent a great connection between two people, not necessarily romantic, but one which is based on trust and mutual understanding. Giving someone a freesia represents the great affection you hold for them, regardless of whether that’s romantic or platonic.

Freesias can also mean grace, and a noble personality.

Yellow Freesia Symbolism

Yellow freesias are the most uplifting of all. As a result, they are frequently used to symbolize optimism, happiness, and a fresh start.

Like most yellow flowers, yellow freesias also carry the symbolism of a valued and deep friendship, one you cannot imagine your life without.

Red Freesia Significance

When in red, freesias have the common meaning of most red flowers, in which they represent all-encompassing desire or love. 

They also symbolize devotion, and the enigmatic fragrance of this flower only adds to the meaning. It also helps that the red freesia is the most scented of all freesias.

White Freesia Meaning

White freesias represent grace, spirituality, innocence, and commitment. For these reasons, and for their beautiful scent, they are often used for weddings and other ceremonies which celebrate a milestone in life.

When used in wedding ceremonies, white freesias also take on the meaning of the trust between the newly-married couple, and the symbolism of grace and beauty are regularly applied to the bride.

Pink Freesia Symbolism

Pink freesias represent love and commitment. This form of love is not about desire, but commitment, perhaps duty, and an affection that endures no matter what.

Pink freesias are typically associated with the connection between parents and their children, particularly a mother’s love.

The Cultural Meaning Behind the Freesia

In the Victorian language of flowers (see also Floriography: A Guide), the freesia represents friendship and innocence.  They were also used as part of a bouquet to signify a hidden or coded message. 

The presence of a freesia or several in a flower arrangement means there is a huge amount of trust between the sender and the recipient.

In Japan, freesias are one of the heralds of spring, and this gorgeous flower is the center of a huge festival held near Hachijo-Fuji mountain, usually encompassing at least 300,000 freesias.

Sometimes you’ll see the freesia named the ballerina flower, as the form of the flower itself can look similar to the shadow of a ballerina.

What does a Freesia Flower Mean as a Tattoo?

When chosen as a tattoo, the freesia represents the profound connection between two people, and the inherent trust within this relationship. 

It can be used to honor someone special in your life, whether that’s a romantic partner, a great friend, or a member of your family.

Freesias as tattoos can also represent a symbolic period in your life, or a significant event that has changed your life. In its own symbolism, it underlines the importance of trust, connecting with others, and affection and wisdom.

The color chosen for a freesia tattoo can also inform the meaning of the tattoo, whether that’s of only freesias, or as part of a bigger piece.

The Best Time to Gift Freesias

Freesias are perfect gifts for when you want to make it known to someone that you trust them, and that you’re grateful for everything they’ve done for you, and the relationship you have.

Freesias can also be given to someone who is going through a difficult time, as they are a good symbol to remind them that you have their back, no matter what. 

It represents your trust in them, and how it is reflected, how you trust them to come to you with their problems if and when they need to.

They also make perfect wedding flowers, because they symbolize trust and a deep connection, whether that’s as a table centerpiece, or a bridal or bridesmaids’ bouquet.

Freesias are the traditional gift for a seventh anniversary of a wedding, symbolizing the enduring trust and link between the two partners.

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