Flower Names Beginning With Z


Well known as a popular foliage houseplant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the ZZ plant, Zanzibar gem, or the eternity plant is a tropical perennial plant which also flowers.

It grows between 45 and 60cm high, and growth emerges from underground rhizomes, which also help the plant in storing water, making it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend caring for their plants. 

You can grow it outdoors, as long as temperatures don’t get lower than 59°F (or 15°C).  While it will survive at these temperatures, it will be at its healthiest in temperatures between 65°F and 79°F (or 18°C and 26°C).

It can be easy to miss the flowers, as from afar they can look like a normal stem. It’s only when you get close up that you’ll see the spadix.


Zantedeschia is a beautiful flower in the Araceae plant family. There are 3 inner ovate or triangular shaped segments and 3 outer petal-like sections which make up a funnel around a central conical shape.

Also known as arum lilies or calla lilies, these plants have a lot of ornamental value. 

Some species of Zantedeschia have a fragrance, notably Zantedeschia odorata, which has been compared to the perfume of a freesia.

Native to marshland in Africa, these stunning plants need plenty of moisture, and indirect light. 

These plants are often grown as houseplants, garden ornamentals, or for cut flowers.

Hardy forms of Zantedeschia are called arum lilies, while those which will die in lower temperatures are called calla lilies.


Zenobia pulverunlenta, or the honeycup shrub, comes from the heath plant family, Ericaceae.

It produces lots of pendant white flowers which hang delicately from the branches in summer. These flowers give off an aniseed-like perfume, only adding to this plant’s attractiveness. 

The foliage can be evergreen or deciduous, depending on where you live. This plant likes acidic soil, in either dappled shade or full sunlight.

It’s worth noting that Zenobia shrubs are not hardy as a rule, so you will need to provide it with some winter protection, and placing it in a sheltered area is best.


Zephyranthes flowers are easy to grow, and make striking additions to any garden. Most only grow to 30cm at a maximum, and make great focal points for rockeries or at the front of borders.

These plants bloom in shades of white, yellow, pink, or red, and love partial shade, full sunlight, and well-draining soil.

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