The Xeranthemum Genus

Xeranthemum is a very small genus which belongs to the sunflower family, Asteraceae. All plants within the genus (and there are only six of them) belong to the Mediterranean parts of Europe in the south. Xeranthemum At A Glance They are easily recognizable for their daisy-shaped flowers, which come in cool shades of white, pink and purple, creating the perfect … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With X

Xanthoceras Sorbifolium Xanthoceras sorbifolium, goldenhorn, the Chinese flowering chestnut, or yellowhorn comes from the soapberry family, and is the only species within the Xanthoceras genus.  It hails from northern parts of China, and grows as either a large shrub or tree, reaching a maximum height of 26 feet. This plant produces an abundance of white blossom in late spring into … Read More