How To Identify, Grow, And Care For Trumpet Vines (Campsis Radicans)

The trumpet vine is a fantastic flowering plant that attracts plenty of attention from both people and wildlife, thanks to its trumpet-shaped blooms in bright colors. It’s a good way to encourage more pollinators to visit your garden, which will benefit the health of all the plants within it. This plant is perfect for climbing up fences, sides of your … Read More

How To Grow And Care For The Tortoise Plant (Dioscorea Elephantipes)

If you’re bored with snake plants, spider plants, and anything else that’s considered the standard houseplant, and you want something a little more unusual, the tortoise plant should be next on your must-grow list. These tender perennial plants grow from a cork-like stem that looks very similar to a tortoiseshell, or the foot of an elephant. At A Glance: What … Read More

The Tigridia Genus (Tiger Flower; Mexican Shellflower)

Tigridia flowers are captivating, with their lily-like, speckled blooms and vivid colors.  Tigridia At A Glance They come from around 35 different species in the Tigridia genus, belonging to the Iris plant family. The resemblance is in the way these plants grow from bulbs, featuring bright colors, recognizable markings, and sword-shaped foliage. You’ll see them growing wild in subtropical and … Read More

The Trillium Genus (Wake Robin; Birthroot)

The Trillium genus is made up of roughly 50 different species of flowering plants, all of which belong to the bunchflower plant family, Melanthiaceae.  You can find these species in the wild in parts of Asia and North America, mostly within the Appalachian Mountains. If you’re looking for unusual flowers that thrive in shady gardens, those belonging to the trillium … Read More

The Torenia Genus (Wishbone Flower; Bluewings; Clown Flower)

The Torenia genus is made up of about 16 different species of flowering plants in the Linderniaceae family, and some even come under Scrophulariaceae, or the figwort family. These plants hail from southeast parts of Asia, and Africa. Torenia At A Glance You can recognize a torenia plant by their heart or oval-shaped foliage, and bright trumpet-shaped blooms which come … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With T

Tagetes Also known as marigolds, these plants are a popular choice that can be used in many different ways.  The flowers are used as companion plants to help deter pests away from fruit or vegetable plants, as well as adding color into any bed or container. They were once commonly used as an insect repellent. There are different types of … Read More

Tulip Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Tulips are hailed as one of the first signs of spring, celebrating the warmer temperatures and the hint of longer days, which many people associate with relief and happiness of a new year. Tulips are grown all over the world, and we’ve managed to breed them to even take the shape of other flowers, so it’s not surprising that they’ve … Read More

Thryallis Shrub (Galphimia gracilis): How to Grow and Plant Care

When it comes to ornamental plants, flowering shrubs are perfect for introducing a sea of color into your garden, while also providing structure with the foliage and branches throughout the year. Here’s everything you need to know about the thryallis shrub, including where to grow it, how to care for it, how to prune it, and how to make the … Read More

Trillium Flower (Birthroots) Meaning & Symbolism

As with many plants, ‘Trillium’ refers to both a genus of flowering herbaceous plants as well as a specific plant.  When we refer to a Trillium, we usually mean the woodland plant which produces three petals per flower.  These lovely flowers look a little like a cup sitting on a saucer, with its cluster of three petals standing on three … Read More

Top 40 Beautiful Tropical Flowering Plants

Tropical gardens are becoming increasingly popular, with gorgeous, architectural foliage that can transport you to your own part of paradise, no travel needed. Step outside your back door, and crane your head upward to see the sun’s rays poking through the glossy, huge leaves, past fantastic colors and unusual shapes. Let your garden transport you from the hum-drum of everyday … Read More