Shrubs And Trees

Growing A Spineless Yucca Indoors

The Spineless Yucca, sometimes known as Yucca elephantipes, but botanically known as Yucca gigantea, makes a great statement in any home, though it’s more commonly grown as an outdoor plant. It’s not difficult to care for indoors, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind to get the best out of this plant, as well as … Read More

Mandevilla Trellis Ideas & Care Tips to Grow Stunning Plants

Mandevilla plants are stunning vines that bloom profusely, providing any garden with seas of color.  But one thing they need to thrive properly is some type of support, and this will help show off the plant to its best effect. Not sure if the Mandevilla vine is for you? Here’s everything you should know at a glance, as well as … Read More

Tropical Hibiscus Dying Or Struggling? 7 Ways To Revive Your Plant

Tropical hibiscus plants are absolutely beautiful, but like all stunning plants, they can be a little tricky to care for even at the best of times.  There are many problems you might find with growing hibiscus, and it’s likely that you will see more than one at once, which means growing this plant can be more complicated than you bargained … Read More

Rosemary Bonsai: How To Grow And Plant Care

When you think of a bonsai tree, you might picture a pine tree, a cherry blossom tree, a wisteria, or an apple tree. While these types of plants are commonly grown as bonsai, they are far from your only option. Growing rosemary as a bonsai is a great option, as not only do you get the benefits of the herb … Read More

How To Grow And Care For Privet Shrub (Ligustrum Spp.)

One of the most popular species of shrub to have in your garden is the privet shrub, also known as Ligustrum.  They have a vigorous growth habit, and can produce white flowers, followed by black berries, making an interesting display in any garden.  However, there are some drawbacks with this plant, and it’s worth being choosy about the variety you … Read More

How To Grow and Care for The Bottlebrush Plant (Melaleuca/Callistemon spp.)

Bottlebrush plants are stunning, hailing from the myrtle plant family, and are native to Australia, but are grown across the world for their beauty. As you might imagine from the common name, these shrubs and trees produce very unusual flowers that look like brushes. Not sure if the bottlebrush is right for your garden? Here’s everything you should know. At … Read More

How To Grow And Care For Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis Indica)

Indian hawthorns are beautiful plants that don’t need a lot of attention, and provide you with plenty of color and structure into any garden, reliably flowering year after year. Not sure if the Indian hawthorn is for you? Let’s take a look at everything you should know about this plant. At A Glance: What You Should Know About Indian Hawthorn … Read More

How To Grow And Care For Ruscus Plants (Ruscus Spp.)

If you are searching for a plant that will thrive in a shaded part of your garden and fill in the gaps, bringing both height and color, one of the Ruscus species may be the answer. These shrubs don’t need a lot of maintenance, and will still be evergreen even in the fiercest of winters. Let’s take a look. At … Read More

How To Grow and Care for The Eugenia Plant (Syzygium paniculatum)

Hailing from New South Wales in Australia, the Eugenia plant, or Syzygium paniculatum is a beautiful plant found in the rainforest, but it also makes a stunning addition to gardens, too. It can be grown as a topiary, a bonsai tree, or a standard tree, if you live in a warm enough zone, that is. Let’s take a look. At … Read More

Lupine Flower (Lupinus): Types, How To Grow, And Plant Care

Lupines are beautiful plants that introduce plenty of color and life into any garden. They are easy to grow, and don’t need a lot of care, making them a popular choice in many spaces. There are about 200 different species to choose from, the majority of which come from North and South America, but you can also find some species … Read More