The Scilla Genus (Squill)

The scilla genus contains just under 100 different species of flowering perennials, the majority of which come from woodland, seashores, and alpine meadows in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Scillas are fairly compact, producing fantastic flowers in shades of blue, white, and purple, which are either starry or bell-shaped. Scilla At A Glance Scilla plants are perfect for woodland … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With S

Saffron You may be surprised to know that the spice saffron comes from a crocus called Crocus sativus, or the saffron crocus. One of the reasons saffron is so expensive is that it is the stigmas inside the crocus, which not only have to be harvested by hand, but it also takes 150 crocus flowers to make a single gram … Read More

Sweet Peas: Should You Choose Annual Or Perennial Sweet Peas?

Sweet peas are fantastic plants which have been popular with gardeners across the world for so many years, and it’s not difficult to see why. These gorgeous blooms are climbers. Loved by cut flower gardeners everywhere, sweet peas repeat flower during the season, often needing you to cut more flowers every single day to prolong the blooming period. There are … Read More

30 Unusual And Rare Succulents You Should Know

Succulents are among the easiest plants to care for, as long as you give them enough sunlight and the right watering routine. Not only that, but among the succulent group you can find some of the most unusual plants around, and their easy care makes it ideal to go looking for some of the most unusual, beautiful varieties. It is … Read More


A plant that’s sure to bring a smile to your face is the string of dolphins, adding a tropical vibe into any room.  Unlike some plants which have unusual foliage and prove quite difficult to care for, the string of dolphins is a lovely, easy-going plant which is perfect for beginners. Interested in growing your own string of dolphins? Here’s … Read More

Snow Rose (Serissa Foetida) Bonsai Tree: How To Grow and Plant Care

The snow rose bonsai is a striking plant which will provide any interior with a serene look, with its twisted trunk, narrow leaves, and white flowers. It’s a plant suitable for bonsai growers who’ve tried their hand at this art before, as the snow rose is a fussy bonsai tree, difficult for beginners to master.  Here’s everything you need to … Read More

Sansevieria Cylindrica Plant: How To Grow and Plant Care

One of the easiest but among the strangest houseplants you can grow is Sansevieria cylindrica or the African Spear plant.  Like many plants in the sansevieria family, it is a tough plant which is hard to kill, and likes the dry, warm environment that homes tend to offer, which would kill more fussy house plants such as orchids. It’s instantly … Read More

Spirea Bushes: Different Varieties, How to Grow and Plant Care

Spiraea, usually misspelled as spirea, are great for areas of your garden that could do with a multitude of color and structure, and you don’t want to wait very long.  Spirea plants are renowned for their extended flowering season, whether you choose spring or summer flowering types, they will provide you with seas of color for a solid month at … Read More

String of Hearts Plant (Ceropegia woodii): How to Grow and Plant Care

As most houseplants rarely flower when kept indoors, one of the main things that’s attractive in a houseplant is its foliage, whether that’s for huge, dark leaves found in a colocasia, the ‘living stone’ look of a lithops succulent, or the messages of affection often seen in the string of hearts. If you’re a fan of trailing houseplants with unusual … Read More

Sea Grape Tree (Coccoloba uvifera): How To Grow and Plant Care

Known for growing across the tropical parts of South and Southeast America, the sea grape tree or Coccoloba uvifera is a beautiful shrub that’s often used to give any garden architectural structure and form, especially in coastal gardens. It helps that the foliage is evergreen, allowing for some shade. Here’s everything you need to know about the sea grape tree. … Read More