White Roses Meaning, Symbolism and Varieties You Can Grow

While white is sometimes regarded as a bland color, this is not true in flowers.  White flowers have been very popular for centuries, some carrying a lot of religious symbolism, and white roses in particular are among the most ornate and elegant blooms. They’re also an important part of culture, ornament, and medicine.  White hues also give your gaze a … Read More

Black Roses: Do They Exist, and What Is The Symbolism Behind This Mysterious Flower?

Many people are drawn to dark flowers for many reasons.  Black is an unusual color for flowers to produce, and such a dark shade displayed on some of the most ornate, or even delicate blooms provides a really captivating contrast in a flower. Black flowers hold a mystery that’s unparalleled in flowers of other colors, and the almost Gothic undertones … Read More

The Enchanting Purple Rose: History and Meanings

Roses are captivating in any color, but purple roses elevate the flower’s beauty to another level entirely.  Purple is a velvety color which simply oozes grandeur, royalty, and mystery. It hints at the depth of passion this rose can inspire, and what it can deliver as a message to a loved one. Purple roses contrast beautifully against the green foliage, … Read More

Blue Rose: Origins, Meanings, and Facts

Ever since we realized we could create new types of roses, and colors they didn’t naturally produce on their own, we’ve dreamed of the blue rose.  Blue, as a pigment, is hard to produce in the natural world. Think of blue butterflies, birds, and flowers. Broadly speaking, they’re all rarer than other species that are colored differently.  While we see … Read More

The Radical Orange Roses: Plant Origins, Names and Meanings

As you may, or may not know, roses are one of the most widely hybridized flowers in the world.  When we think of roses, we tend to picture huge blooms in an array of colors, with petals stacked upon petals. This is an image of a modern rose. The first roses didn’t look like this.  Picture a wildflower rose, a … Read More

All About Roses: Plants Facts & Types

In one of his numerous sonnets, Shakespeare wrote “From fairest creatures we desire increase, That thereby beauty’s rose might never die,” and this is never truer when it comes to the rose. We appreciate roses more than any other flower. We try and prolong their beauty for as long as possible, deadheading dying flowers and feeding them during their growing … Read More