Rockrose (Cistus): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

If you’re after a robust shrub that will bring a lot of life and color into your garden, the rockrose or Cistus is a great choice.  It will fill up any empty space fairly quickly, whether that’s somewhere exposed or sheltered, able to tolerate salty soil, drought, hot temperatures and strong winds. At a Glance: What You Should Know About … Read More

Rosette Succulents

Rosette Succulents: Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

While all succulent plants are pretty impressive, not only for their unusual looks and survival capabilities, rosette succulents are among the most admired for their form and beauty.  The leaves are the stars of the show in these plants, growing in a circular, cluster formation, some covered in hair, some in spines, spikes or thorns, and others are very smooth.  … Read More

The Peculiar Green Roses: Different Types and Pictures

We always judge flowers by their color, and this is usually before we consider the form or the species. Take roses, for example.  We always consider the color before the form of the rose, whether that’s a single or double flower, our immediate associations and symbolism comes from the color.  It’s also the first consideration when we think of what … Read More

Black Spot and Other Common Rose Diseases and Pests Every Gardener Should Know

Roses are among the most widely grown and gifted flowers across the world. They have endured the ages, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to pests or disease. While modern roses have been bred to be more disease and pest resistant, there is hardly a way of stamping the vulnerabilities out altogether.  Some varieties are highly susceptible, and while … Read More

Red Roses Meaning, Symbolism and Varieties You Can Grow

Arguably the most famous, if not the most popular of all the colors roses can be found in, the red rose is truly special.  It’s carried messages of the deepest love and desire that any flower symbolism is capable of, and it’s done this for hundreds of years, with good reason. The red rose has featured throughout the arts over … Read More

Rhododendron Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Rhododendrons are extremely popular choices when it comes to growing flowers in your garden, but they are also a very popular cut flower, lasting a long time and providing a wealth of vivid hues.  The blooms themselves are suitable for gifts of any type, whether that’s celebrating a special occasion or just to brighten up someone’s day. Behind these gorgeous … Read More

Top 56 Types of Beautiful Red Flowering Plants

Red flowers are sure to create an impact in your garden. Traditionally, red flowers have been linked to the deeper emotions of love, temptation, passion, and desire, and these emotions have been linked to the color red since ancient times, throughout many cultures. Red also has some pretty negative connotations. In religion, red is the color of damnation, of cruelty, … Read More

Yellow Roses Meaning, Symbolism and Varieties to Grow

While it can be considered a cliché that a yellow rose is uplifting, that’s only because it’s true. Yellow represents the warmth in life, the positivity, and yellow is a color proven to boost your mood. Yellow also represents the sun, and everything good that follows. Balmy weather, feeling relaxed with the sun on your face, and good memories seem … Read More

White Roses Meaning, Symbolism and Varieties You Can Grow

While white is sometimes regarded as a bland color, this is not true in flowers.  White flowers have been very popular for centuries, some carrying a lot of religious symbolism, and white roses in particular are among the most ornate and elegant blooms. They’re also an important part of culture, ornament, and medicine.  White hues also give your gaze a … Read More

Black Roses: Do They Exist, and What Is The Symbolism Behind This Mysterious Flower?

Many people are drawn to dark flowers for many reasons.  Black is an unusual color for flowers to produce, and such a dark shade displayed on some of the most ornate, or even delicate blooms provides a really captivating contrast in a flower. Black flowers hold a mystery that’s unparalleled in flowers of other colors, and the almost Gothic undertones … Read More