How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden: 10 Ways That Work

Rabbits are adorable creatures that are fun to watch. That is until you find them snacking on your favorite plants.  The novelty soon wears off, and it can be devastating to see the devastation they can cause in your garden, especially after the months of hard work you put in. But there are things you can do to keep rabbits … Read More

How to Keep Chipmunks Out of Garden: 10 Effective Tricks

It is inevitable that at some point, nature makes its home in your garden more than you would want.  Butterflies, bees, birds, and beneficial insects you want to welcome as much as possible, but one thing you want to deter from your garden is the chipmunk, or you will find chaos everywhere. These cute and mischievous animals can be a … Read More

How To Get Rid Of Flies On An Outside Patio

One of the best things to enjoy come summer is the great outdoors, but it can quickly become spoiled by hordes of flies on your patio. Not only do they often land on you when you’re minding your own business, but they also get into your food and drink, and can spread plenty of dangerous diseases you’ll want to avoid. … Read More

How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Garden: 11 Tricks That Work

Are birds becoming a problem in your garden? While they are an important part of the ecosystem, helping to keep on top of pest populations, pollination, and adding more life and music into your garden, they can become a nuisance. This is especially true if you grow fruits and vegetables, strawberries in particular are favorites of many kinds of birds. … Read More

How to Get Rid of Neighbor’s Cats and Stray Cats in Your Yard

Cats are adorable creatures with a great sense of humor, but when it comes to gardening, they can be a big nuisance and nothing else, especially if they don’t belong to you!  Neighbors’ cats or stray cats can cause a lot of damage to your plants, or the wildlife within. Simply yelling at a cat is unlikely to work for … Read More

Companion Planting: What Flowers Should You Plant Together?

Choosing plants for your garden is often a little more difficult than simply picking the ones that you adore.  That’s certainly part of it, but there are plants that you should never group together.  Similarly, there are some that work amazingly well together, not only decoratively, sometimes even benefitting the health of each other and of your overall garden. But … Read More

The Dusty Miller Plant

If you’re looking for a plant that will nearly single-handedly start off your garden, you could do worse than the dusty miller plant. It’s a very robust plant, able to withstand both long spells of drought and high temperatures, and thanks to its silvery foliage and eye-catching flowers, it works well in any kind of planting scheme. Interested in growing … Read More

Plants Suitable For Tall Narrow Pots

When it comes to growing plants in containers, one thing we can all agree on is that they’re great! They provide us with an easy way to expand our gardens and create something beautiful without having to spend hours digging holes and planting things out. But what if you have a small space? What if your pots are too tall … Read More

13 Types of Succulents That Are Toxic To Your Pets

Succulents are a fantastic way to introduce greenery indoors, and for a lot of people, succulents have almost become green pets.  While caring for our green pets is incredibly rewarding and satisfying, one thing that is easy to forget, and dangerous to do so, is the fact that succulents can be poisonous to our pets of the more conventional variety.  … Read More

60 Flowering Plants for a Spectacular Autumn

While you might think that summer is the ‘best’ season for flowers, don’t be tempted to discount the others, especially autumn.  During this season, when everything starts to wind down a little, and the flower production isn’t as explosive as spring or summer, the flowers that appear are often much brighter and more unusual than those in other months. Combine … Read More