Proteas: Common Flower Varieties, Meaning and Growing Tips

Perhaps protea sounds familiar. If you know anything about the son of Poseidon, you’ll recognize the name. It was said that Proteus could transform himself at will, adopting many shapes and guises, each wildly different from the next. The genus Protea is named after him, as some flowers look wildly different to each other, though they are related.  At a … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The Potato Flower

You might think you know potatoes quite well – after all, it’s a humble vegetable that has such versatility, maybe you’ve cooked them in every way you have ever wanted. But have you ever grown them? Have you seen the flowers that the potato plant produces? You might ask why the plant even does this, when the tubers grow underground.  … Read More

Plumeria Flower Meaning and Symbolism

It might surprise you to know that although plumeria flowers or frangipani remind us of Hawaii, these gorgeous flowers were introduced to Hawaii, and they are not part of the natural flora. While they aren’t native, they do thrive in tropical soil and are very suited to the conditions there, where they’ve also come to mean a lot to the … Read More

Pink Roses: History, Types and Meanings

Pink roses are considered to be the most dainty of all roses (and I say that knowing that a color isn’t one specific type of rose).  This is interesting because while they are no less hardy than other colors, people tend to treat them more gently when growing them, and reserving them as gifts for special occasions or as confessions … Read More

Poinsettia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

At Christmastime, you’ll see a sea of poinsettias for sale in every shop that celebrates the Christmas season. They go particularly well with the festive lights of the season, and match the traditional colors of red and green during this time. You may think that they represent this season, and while that’s true, there’s a little more to this plant … Read More

Peony Flower Meaning and Symbolism You Should Know

Peonies are instantly recognizable for their captivating, huge blooms which have a fragile beauty. They’re popular throughout the world, and make one of the best cut flowers available. The peony also features heavily in mythology, as well as given as gifts that carry some weighty symbolism. They’re also used for medicinal purposes. What does ‘Peony’ Mean? The word peony comes … Read More

Pansy Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Don’t let their delicate appearance fool you. Pansies are very easy to grow, and hardier than you might imagine. They also set seed in the unlikeliest of places! Pansies are a hybrid which were created as garden flowers, and you can probably tell from its scientific name – Viola x wittrockiana.  The garden pansy is part of the Viola genus, … Read More

Primrose Flower Meaning and Symbolism

No matter the color of the actual flower, all primroses have a tiny yellow middle that looks like an eye. Flowers can be blue, white, pink, or purple, but all share this characteristic. If the primrose is a pin-eyed variety, the center will appear more greenish, while a thrum-eyed primrose’s middle looks bright yellow. While this plant looks sweet and … Read More

Top 55 Beautiful Pink Flowers For Your Garden

Pink is a greatly admired color when it comes to gardens – it’s the color of many blossoms which herald spring’s arrival, and the darker days which are numbered, those days will turn warmer and brighter for longer, and it won’t be long until we can sit out on a summer evening and enjoy the garden once more.  Pink is … Read More

Poppy Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The poppy is the birth flower for the month of August, and was originally thought to be native to Turkey, though it can be found all over the world.  It’s considered a popular wildflower in the United States. Red is the most admired color when it comes to the poppy, but it can be found in different hues. It can … Read More