Philodendron Brasil: 9 Simple Care And Propagation Tips

Philodendrons are beautiful plants that grow quickly, and don’t need a lot of attention in order to thrive. One variety that is particularly beautiful is Philodendron Brasil, thanks to its boldly variegated foliage.  It’s not a complicated plant, but there are some things you should know in order to get it looking at its best. Let’s take a look at … Read More

Passion Flowers: Types, How To Grow And Plant Care

Also known as Passiflora, passion flower vines are among the most beautiful climbing plants you can grow, with their instantly recognizable flowers, with a long flowering season. They will quickly cover any vertical surface, providing a great screen for any bare fence, wall, or trellis. Not sure if the passion flower vine is for you? Here’s everything you need to … Read More

Peace Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Peace lilies are very popular plants usually grown indoors. They are very forgiving houseplants and will tolerate a lot of conditions that other plants grown indoors would simply die in. They will happily weather drafty positions such as above fireplaces, as well as near windows and doors without any problems, and they will also survive low light without any issues.  … Read More

Periwinkle Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Periwinkle flowers are a favorite of many gardeners when they need something beautiful to act as a ground cover, filling in bare gaps in the soil, while also making sure that weeds can’t grow along the surface.  But what you might not know is that these flowers have a range of meanings depending on the context and the color of … Read More

Photinia (Photinia x Fraseri): Types, How To Grow And Plant Care

Photinia shrubs hail from the warm temperate areas of Asia, including Japan and Thailand, but they are cultivated all over the world thanks to their beautiful white flowers and striking red fruits. It makes them an attractive option for any garden, but they aren’t the easiest shrubs to grow. Here’s what you need to know about growing photinia shrubs. At … Read More

Peperomia Prostrata (String Of Turtles): How To Grow And Plant Care

If you’re after an eye-catching succulent that’s easy to care for, look no further than the string of turtles, or Peperomia prostrata.  It makes a fantastic houseplant or a unique hanging pot in warmer climates, easily recognizable by its leaves that look like turtle shells on a string. Not sure if the string of turtles plant is for you? Here’s … Read More

The Platycodon Genus (Balloon Flower; Chinese Bellflower; Japanese Bellflower)

The Platycodon genus is only made up of one species, Platycodon grandiflorus, which keeps things simple. It belongs to the campanula plant family, and hails from Japan, Korea, China, and parts of Russia.  Platycodon At A Glance The bellflower is an interesting plant throughout its life cycle, as the flower buds look like balloons, and when they open, they form … Read More

The Protea Genus (Protea)

There are 112 identified species within the Protea genus, belonging to the Proteaceae plant family. All hail from dry regions of South Africa, and bloom in fantastic shapes and colors.  Protea Plants At A Glance Protea flowers are among the oldest in existence, and there is a huge variety of color, size, and shape to choose from.  The flowers look … Read More

The Petunia Genus

Petunias come from the nightshade plant family, Solanaceae, and the genus is made up of 20 different species, all of which hail from South America. Petunias are grown by experienced gardeners and beginners alike, as the trumpet-shaped flowers are incredibly beautiful, easy to grow, and come in many colors. Petunias At A Glance Petunias are probably the most popular bedding … Read More

The Plumeria Genus

Also known as Frangipani, or the Hawaiian Lei flower, plumeria are fantastic flowers belonging to the dogbane family, Apocynaceae.  Plumeria are shrubs or small trees which hail from Brazil, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, but they are grown in warm climates across the world for their striking and fragrant flowers. At A Glance: What You Should Know About Plumeria … Read More