Outdoor Plants

17 Spectacular Coleus Varieties For Sun And Growing Tips

Coleus plants are perfect when you want a lot of dramatic colors very quickly, as they grow in very little time, and it helps that they aren’t complicated plants to care for.  These plants come in pretty much any shade and color combination you can think of, so there is a type for every garden style and planting scheme. Some … Read More

Rosemary Bonsai: How To Grow And Plant Care

When you think of a bonsai tree, you might picture a pine tree, a cherry blossom tree, a wisteria, or an apple tree. While these types of plants are commonly grown as bonsai, they are far from your only option. Growing rosemary as a bonsai is a great option, as not only do you get the benefits of the herb … Read More

15 Fast Growing Flowers For Your Garden

Gardens can always do with more flowers, but if you’re in a hurry to grow something new, or you’re trying to figure out what will grow where in a new garden, one of the easiest ways is to plant fast-growing flowers. This gives you an idea of what will thrive where, what colors and forms you like, and the ones … Read More

15 Begonia Rex Varieties and Types You Can Grow

One of the most beautiful and unusual plants that you can grow is the begonia rex. There are many varieties to choose from, and all feature unusual leaf patterns and fantastic colors. They make great houseplants that will add a real tropical feel to any room, and you can grow them in your garden, too. Here are just a few … Read More

How To Grow And Care For Matthiola Incana (Stock Flower)

Stock flowers aren’t nearly as popular as begonias, petunias or cornflowers when it comes to options for filling in bare patches in your garden, but they should be. Not only are these flowers very easy to grow, most of them will grow rapidly, filling any space with plenty of color in very little time, even when grown from seed. Some … Read More

Growing And Caring For The Pocketbook Plant (Calceolaria)

The pocketbook flower, also known as Calceolaria, is an unusual flower with lantern-like blooms, available in shades of red, yellow, and orange, and it’s certain to brighten up any area. These half-hardy perennials are perfect for summer outdoors, or for a beautiful houseplant. Many people grow this as a bedding plant to provide plenty of color, and fill in the … Read More

How To Grow and Care for The Bottlebrush Plant (Melaleuca/Callistemon spp.)

Bottlebrush plants are stunning, hailing from the myrtle plant family, and are native to Australia, but are grown across the world for their beauty. As you might imagine from the common name, these shrubs and trees produce very unusual flowers that look like brushes. Not sure if the bottlebrush is right for your garden? Here’s everything you should know. At … Read More

9 Common Types of Bromeliads You Can Grow

Bromeliads are beautiful plants that are often poorly misunderstood. You might impulse-buy one because of its beauty when it’s in flower, and then assume you’re terrible at looking after plants because it dies relatively quickly. This does not mean you didn’t take care of it, or it somehow died just because it was in your care. Bromeliads are known for … Read More

How To Grow And Care For Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis Indica)

Indian hawthorns are beautiful plants that don’t need a lot of attention, and provide you with plenty of color and structure into any garden, reliably flowering year after year. Not sure if the Indian hawthorn is for you? Let’s take a look at everything you should know about this plant. At A Glance: What You Should Know About Indian Hawthorn … Read More

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia): How To Grow And Plant Care

We know most cacti for their spines, which protect the plants from being eaten by animals in arid environments, while also helping to retain moisture. But they can do harm in a badly-thought-out position in our gardens and homes, especially if you have pets or children. This is where the spineless cacti shine, those that we’ve managed to cultivate to … Read More

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