How To Propagate An Orchid | 5 Different Ways

When you first start growing orchids, the most important thing is figuring out how to keep these plants alive, and it can be an attention-stealing task. Just like repotting an orchid, propagating an orchid probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when it comes to caring for these stunning plants. You might not even know that propagating an orchid … Read More

Orchid Bud Blast: Top 5 Causes For Drying Or Dying Flower Buds

Orchids are very tough plants, but there are times that these stunning plants can absolutely break your heart, especially when you get excited about the forming flower buds, only to watch in horror as they dry and fall from the plant before they can open. This is called orchid bud blast. The flower buds die off before they open, sometimes … Read More

How To Repot A Moth Orchid

When it comes to orchid care, one vital element that is constantly overlooked is repotting them. These plants need just as much attention when it comes to repotting as other plants do, otherwise, they will not have the room to grow that they need, and they won’t be as healthy as they could be. It’s not a difficult process, but … Read More

How Long Do Orchid Blooms Last And 5 Tips To Extend How Long They Can Last

Orchid flowers are one of the most beautiful sights you can grow indoors without much effort, especially during fall and winter when other houseplants are slowing down.  They give a lot of joy and color to any room, and while the blooms can last for longer than most houseplant flowers do, they don’t last forever. But there are things you … Read More

Wrinkled Orchid Leaves: The Most Common Cause And How To Fix It

An orchid with wrinkled leaves is not exactly the nicest sight in the world. Leave it for too long, and your orchid may quickly decline! There is one reason why an orchid’s leaves wrinkle up: the moisture levels are very wrong. Either the potting mix is too dry or it is too wet, but it leads to the same problems! … Read More

Paphiopedilum: One Of The Best Low Light Orchids

If you have grown all the Moth orchids you care to, or they simply haven’t thrived in your home, don’t write off all orchids, as they have drastically different care needs, and conditions that one species won’t tolerate another will thrive in. The Lady Slipper Orchid or Paphiopedilum orchid is one of the most easy-going orchids you can grow in … Read More

How To Make An Orchid Grow A New Spike Through A Little-Known Secret

Orchids can be frustrating at the best of times. They’re not as easy to keep as leafy tropical houseplants, and it can be difficult to know what they need, especially when they look healthy, but they’re not doing anything.  Your orchid may refuse to produce an orchid spike, so you won’t see any flowers. We don’t exactly grow Moth orchids … Read More

Help My Orchid Is Dying! How To Bring Your Orchid Back From The Brink

Orchids are not like any other houseplant out there. They produce the most fantastic flowers, but they can also be very fussy plants, even when you think you are doing everything right. It doesn’t help that wildly different problems in the growing conditions can create the same symptoms, making it difficult to figure out exactly what is wrong. The good … Read More

Orchid Flowers Dying: Important Things You Need To Know

It can be a little worrying to watch your orchid flowers fade. They usually open for such a long time that the plant looks utterly bare and sad without them, and you may be worried that there is something wrong with your plant! While losing flowers can be a sign that something is wrong in the growing conditions, this isn’t … Read More

How To Grow Ludisia Discolor: The Beautiful Jewel Orchid

If you’ve grown orchids before and had no luck at all, don’t despair. Jewel orchids are much easier to keep, and if you’re a fan of beautiful foliage, look no further than Ludisia discolor. While most of us are familiar with Moth orchids when we think of any sort of orchid, one of the more unusual types that are steadily … Read More