What To Do With Orchids After Blooming: 3 Easy Options

Orchids are beautiful and fussy plants, and it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to do with them, especially once they have stopped flowering. It doesn’t mean the plant is on its way out, and you actually have several options when it comes to what you should do next. It’s also not a complicated process to encourage … Read More

The Dracula Genus (Monkey Orchid)

One of the most recognizable genus of orchids around, the Dracula genus is made up of nearly 120 different species, which hail from Mexico, Central America, and Peru, among others. The genus is characterized by long spurs coming from the sepals of the flower, and the crimson flowers in several species, which look like the exact shade of blood. Dracula … Read More

Epidendrum Orchids (Star Orchids): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

While the orchid type you’re most familiar with is probably the moth orchid, or the phalaenopsis orchid, there are others which are definitely worthy of your attention, and some space in your home. One of these is the epidendrum orchid, or the star orchid. They don’t look like what you’d consider a ‘normal’ orchid, with their sea of flowers and … Read More

Vanilla Orchids: Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

While we may take vanilla for granted, remarking about how it’s frequently overused, flooding and outdoing other notes in food, using it as a synonym for boring or bland, not many people are aware that vanilla (not the synthetic flavoring), real vanilla, comes from an orchid. Vanilla orchids produce fruit pods only if the flowers of a certain vanilla orchid … Read More

Cymbidium (Boat) Orchids: Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

While phalaenopsis orchids are probably the most widely-grown orchid, there are others that you should try growing at least once. One particular type that should always be on your list is the Cymbidium orchid, or the boat orchid. While they are quite difficult to care for if you’ve never grown an orchid before, they produce a plethora of flower spikes, … Read More

Oncidiums (Dancing Lady Orchids): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Oncidium orchids produce some of the most fantastic flowers, which is saying a lot, if you’ve ever seen the beautiful blooms that orchid plants are capable of producing. You may also see them referred to as the golden shower orchid, or the dancing lady orchid.  They’re not for the first time orchid-grower, that’s for sure, as they are more demanding … Read More

Encyclia Orchids (Butterfly Orchids): How to Grow and Plant Care

Encyclia orchids, also known as cockleshell or butterfly orchids, produce some of the most striking flowers. The unusual name of the orchid genus, Encyclia, comes from the Greek word enkykleomai, which means ‘to encircle’, referring to the shape of the orchid flower’s lip, which encircles the column of the plant. Interested in growing your own? Here’s everything you need to … Read More

Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchids: Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Native to tropical parts of Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Northern Australia and the Philippines, phalaenopsis orchids are among the most popular of orchids grown as houseplants. Phalaenopsis orchids, or moth orchids, are perfect for those just starting out in growing orchids, and it helps that they look stunning with very little care. They can keep their flowers for months, in … Read More

Cattleya Orchids: Facts, Different Varieties, and How to Grow and Plant Care

Even if you’re not familiar with the different types of orchids (understandable, considering it’s the largest plant family in the world), you’re probably familiar with the cattleya orchid, as it’s the one most people picture when they think of orchids. That says a lot about its enduring popularity. Out of the many types of orchids, the cattleya orchid is the … Read More

Dendrobium Orchids: Types, How To Grow and Plant Care

Dendrobium orchids, commonly just referred to as dendrobiums, is one of the largest orchid genera, which is a lot when you consider the orchid family is the biggest plant family on earth. The dendrobium genus is made up of more than 1,800 different species, so chances are you’ve come across one or two, or you’ve even grown them before.  You’ll … Read More

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