The Nerium Genus (Oleander)

Nerium is a genus that consists of a single species, Nerium oleander, grown both in temperate and warm climates as an ornamental plant. It’s so widespread that no one is precisely sure where it came from, which speaks of its popularity. Oleander At A Glance Growing as a shrub or a small tree, oleander belongs to the dogbane plant family, … Read More

The Nemophila Genus (Baby Blue Eyes)

Nemophila, or Baby Blue Eyes, forms part of the Borage plant family, hailing from western and southeastern parts of North America, and Mexico. These annuals are very popular as ornamental plants, producing purple, white, or blue flowers. At A Glance: What You Should Know About Nemophila Guaranteed to brighten up any area of your garden, Baby Blue Eyes is a … Read More

The Nerine Genus (Guernsey Lily)

There are between 20 and 30 species that fall under the Nerine genus, all of which come from South Africa. These lovely plants come from the Amaryllis plant family, and have been confused with true lilies, thanks to the ornate appearance of the flowers. Nerine At A Glance The plants belonging to the Nerine genus all have great ornamental value, … Read More

The Nigella Genus (Love-in-a-mist; Devil-in-a-bush)

The Nigella genus is made up of 18 annual plants in the buttercup family, which come from the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Southern Europe. These plants are unique, featuring very thin, airy leaves, and gorgeous flowers that wouldn’t be out of place on Avatar or an alien planet. Nigella Name Origin The genus name comes from Latin, … Read More

The Nelumbo Genus (Lotus)

Known more widely as the Lotus, the Nelumbo genus contains two species, Nelumbo nucifera, and Nelumbo lutea, which are part of the Lotus plant family. These perennial plants only grow in large bodies of water. Nelumbo lutea is native to North America, and Nelumbo nucifera hails from tropical parts of Australia and Asia.  Nelumbo At A Glance Plants belonging to … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With N

Nasturtiums Nasturtiums come from the Tropaeolaceae plant family, which solely consists of plants from the Tropaeolum or nasturtium genus. The name literally translates as ‘nose-twister’, referring to the peppery taste of the edible plant.  Nasturtiums come from parts of South and Central America. Both annual and perennial forms are available.  These striking plants are instantly recognizable with their showy flowers … Read More

Nasturtium Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Nasturtiums are popular with ornamental flower lovers and vegetable growers alike, thanks to both their unusual, cheerful appearance and their many uses in the garden, including repelling pests with their smell, masking the scent of tasty crops. Nasturtiums are a favorite of gardeners everywhere, as they not only repel pests which eat flowers and crops alike, but they also attract … Read More

Top 10 Beautiful Flowers That Bloom At Night

When you think of flowers blooming, I bet you picture those that seem to glow in the sunlight, in such vivid colors, and those which are at their best during summer. Some of the most ornate, most beautiful flowers are those that only open at night, and are pollinated by moths or other nocturnal insects. They’re known as “night flowers” … Read More