How To Grow And Care For The Mexican Flame Vine (Senecio Confusus)

Known for its fiery orange or red flowers, and arrow-shaped leaves, this plant will make you do a double take.  You might assume from this plant’s fabulous flowers that this plant is hard to grow, but the Mexican flame vine is actually pretty easy to care for. Not sure if the Mexican flame vine is for you? Let’s take a … Read More

Myrtle Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Myrtle flowers are beautiful starry blooms that are usually white and are grown across the world for their beauty.  Myrtle flowers symbolize love, warmth, affection, and beauty. But these gorgeous flowers are also entrenched in myth and ritual, too. Let’s take a look. At A Glance: The Myrtle Flower The myrtle flower blooms on a green shrub, hailing from the … Read More

The Magnolia Genus

Magnolias are striking shrubs and trees known for their beautiful blooms which appear before the leaves. These unique plants happen to be older than bees, so you may notice that no bees visit them! At A Glance: What You Should Know About Magnolias Magnolias come from the Magnoliaceae plant family, and the genus Magnolia makes up roughly 210 different species. … Read More

The Mimosa Genus

The Mimosa genus is made up of roughly 420 different shrubs and herbs, as part of the Fabaceae plant family, or the pea plant family. Mimosa At A Glance The plants within the genus hail from tropical and subtropical parts of the world, and produce delicate, fern-like foliage, and feathery, globular flower heads, which are fragrant.  It’s worth noting that … Read More

Malva (Mallow) Interesting Facts And Symbolism

Malva is a genus within the mallow plant family, consisting of flowering plants which are annuals, biennials, or perennials.  The plants within this genus come from different parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, all within different climates, allowing for planting choices in any garden, no matter where you might live.  Interested in learning more? Here’s everything you should know. At … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With M

Maiden Pink Dianthus deltoides, or Maiden Pink, is a lovely perennial carnation, which stays fairly compact at 30cm tall.  It produces showy, deep pink flowers, and will thrive in acidic, neutral, or slightly alkaline soil.  It’s also a fairly hardy choice, making it a great planting choice for solid color which will come back year after year, despite frosts.  Maiden … Read More

Types of Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a fast-growing vine that produces beautiful flowers in early spring. This plant is native to North America and grows well in most areas. Morning glory is commonly used as a ground cover, climbing up trellises or fences. It is a popular garden plant due to its attractive blooms and ease of cultivation. Morning Glories are one of … Read More

Moroccan Mound Succulents (Euphorbia resinifera): How To Grow and Plant Care

If you’d like a succulent plant which looks like a cactus, look no further than Euphorbia resinifera, or the Moroccan Mound succulent.  It’s a striking plant which grows naturally in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, making a great architectural statement in any home or garden.  In gardens which have rocky soil and long periods of drought, this is the perfect … Read More

Moonstone Plant (Pachyphytum oviferum): How to Grow and Plant Care

Pachyphytum oviferum or the moonstone succulent is a striking plant which has unique and attractive foliage, all the while being a plant which is perfect for beginners, or those who travel a lot. If you’ve never seen a moonstone plant before, you might be surprised that it is a plant at all. Like Lithops succulents, the moonstone succulent looks like … Read More

Madagascar Palm Plant: How To Grow and Plant Care

Technically a succulent plant, the Madagascar palm is a lovely shrub which, while the foliage looks similar to a palm, it isn’t related to any palm plants.  It also makes for a perfect foliage houseplant, as it’s easy to care for, and makes a leafy statement in any room you think needs a bit more greenery, as well as the … Read More