List Of Flower Names Beginning With L

Lamb’s Ear Known as Stachys byzantia, the lamb’s ear plant is a silvery perennial which is famed for its soft foliage, covered in white down.  It’s a very easy plant to grow. In fact, the trouble you’ll have with it is that it will spread quickly, and you’ll need to divide it. Lamb’s ear prefers full sunlight in well-draining soil, … Read More

Lilacs: Plant and Flower Varieties, How To Grow and Plant Care

The lilac plant, also known as Syringa vulgaris, grows as a large shrub or tree, and this member of the olive family produces fantastically fragrant purple or white flowers. The perfume of lilac is unmistakable, striking that delicate balance between being strong but not overwhelming, able to linger and travel.  The blooms themselves brighten anywhere you choose to put them, … Read More

Lavender: Flower Varieties, How To Grow & Plant Care

Lavender is one of the most versatile plants around, not only for its benefits and uses, but also for its signature scent and beautiful flowers. Even if you don’t happen to notice them at first glance, your nose will recognize them.  They’re perfect both for indoors and in the garden, especially if you want a highly fragrant garden in the … Read More

Lotus Flower: Different Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

To many cultures, the lotus flower is a holy symbol, and it is entrenched in symbolism. There are only two species of lotus that are living today that we know of, Nelumbo nucifera, and Nelumbo lutea, or hybrids of the two. The lotus is an ancient species of plant, and fossils have been found in North America and Eurasia dating … Read More

Lupine Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lupins, or lupines, form unusual flowers which are arranged in a tower-shape, and are usually bicolored. You might also see the resemblance to the flower of a pea, as they are part of the same plant family, Fabaceae. The foliage is also pretty impressive, with fan-shaped leaves.  With most varieties, these plants will get bigger and better year after year, … Read More

Larkspur Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The larkspur flower grows in clusters atop tall flower spikes, and comes in shades of pink, white, blue, and purple. These can even be bicolored.  While the larkspur is widely renowned for its beauty, it has a lot of symbolism behind it which isn’t as widely known as those which are attached to other blooms. Keep reading to discover the … Read More

Lavender Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lavender is highly regarded both for its beautiful scent, healing properties and culinary benefits. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a great herb which attracts a plethora of pollinators, benefits you, your home, your food, and your garden. Lavender produces fantastic purple (and sometimes white or pink!) blooms along stems with soft, thick and fragrant leaves.  The fragrance … Read More

Lilac Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lilac flowers are admired across the world for their instantly recognizable and intoxicating scent, as well as the myriad of tiny blooms this plant produces in clusters. Lilacs are part of the Oleaceae genus, which is the olive family.  The plant itself has naturalized all over the world, but it has the benefit of not being invasive or detrimental to … Read More

100 Different Types Of Lilies: Plants and Flowers

It can be confusing to know what is technically a true lily, and what isn’t. Other species of flower are often referred to as a lily by their common name, but they have no relationship to plants which are from the Lilium family. Peace lilies, daylilies, and water lilies are just a few of these. True lilies are flowering plants … Read More

Lily Flowers: Different Color Meaning and Symbolism

While we don’t know for sure exactly when the lily was discovered, the earliest dated depiction of a lily comes from Amnisos in Crete, stretching back to 1580 B.C. The lily was believed to be sacred to the Minoans, and the flowers appear all over surviving works of art.  There are many varieties of lilies, from wild lilies to ones … Read More