Lupine Flower (Lupinus): Types, How To Grow, And Plant Care

Lupines are beautiful plants that introduce plenty of color and life into any garden. They are easy to grow, and don’t need a lot of care, making them a popular choice in many spaces. There are about 200 different species to choose from, the majority of which come from North and South America, but you can also find some species … Read More

How To Grow The Lucky Bean Plant (Castanospermum Australe)

Native to the eastern coastline of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands, the lucky bean plant makes a fabulous houseplant, as long as you have a lot of room. They’re not particularly demanding when it comes to light, and it helps that these beautiful plants grow from a distinct bean that sits on the surface of the soil, … Read More

Comparing Peace Lily vs Calla Lily: What’s The Difference?

Some plants are often confused with each other, because of their appearance, their names, or because they are members of the same plant family. This is true of peace lilies and calla lilies, and while they share some similarities, they have more differences than what they have in common. Both plants make fabulous houseplants and may be grown outside if … Read More

How To Grow And Care For Leonotis Leonurus (Wild Dagga)

If you want a prolific show of flowers on a striking shrub year after year, Leonotis leonurus may be the plant for you, if you live in a warm zone, that is. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow this plant at all if you live somewhere cooler, you’ll just need to treat it a little differently. Not sure … Read More

Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lotus flowers are among the most beautiful of aquatic plants, also known as sacred lotuses, or Nelumbo nucifera.  In the wild, you can find it in the slow-moving waters of Southeast Asia, as well as cultivated water gardens, ponds and rivers across the world. In art, you’ll find it all over the world in many different mediums. But what does … Read More

The Limonium Genus (Sea Lavender; Statice)

Also known as Caspia, or Marsh-Rosemary, Limonium is a genus of 120 different species, hailing from the leadwort family. They can be found across the world, but the greatest diversity belongs to the area between the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, and the middle of Asia, where over a hundred species can be found. Limonium At A Glance Limoniums are lovely … Read More

The Eustoma Genus (Lisianthus; Prairie Gentian)

Eustoma is a very small plant genus, made of three different species, all of which belong to the Gentian plant family, Gentianaceae.  These plants hail from South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and southern states of the US. Classified as tender perennials, these plants can be treated as bedding plants in colder parts of the world, where they will still add … Read More

The Lantana Genus (Shrub Verbena)

Part of the Verbenaceae plant family, you’ll find about 150 different perennial plants within the Lantana genus. They come from tropical parts of both Africa and the Americas and have been introduced in other warm areas. Most verbenas that belong to the Lantana genus grow as shrubs, but you will find a few herbaceous perennials in this group, too. At … Read More

The Lilium Genus (Lily)

Lilium is a genus of flowering perennials which grow from bulbs. There are between 80 and 100 plants in the genus, depending on how you classify them, and all belong to the lily plant family, Liliaceae. All plants within the genus are classed as true lilies. Those that mention lily in their name but aren’t part of this particular genus … Read More

Red Spider Lily (Lycoris) Facts And Symbolism

One flower which is certain to stop you in your tracks is the red spider lily, for its spider-like petals and whimsical anthers, appearing at the very top of a long, robust stem.  As this plant is so unusual, it may not come as a surprise to learn that there’s a lot of symbolism behind the flowers, too. At A … Read More