How To Grow And Care For Japanese Laurel (Aucuba Japonica)

For a beautiful shrub with striking variegation, the Japanese laurel is a good choice for any dark corner of the garden, as long as the soil doesn’t get too boggy. It’s a versatile plant that will weather full shade, dry soil, pollution, and salt winds without any problem. Thinking about planting a new shrub, but you’re not sure if the … Read More

The Jacaranda Genus

Jacaranda is one of the most striking flowering plants you can grow in your garden, featuring fern-like leaves and bright purple flowers in spring and summer. Jacaranda At A Glance There are about 50 different species of Jacaranda to choose from, some of which are shrubs, and some are trees. They come from the Bignoniaceae plant family, and hail from … Read More

The Joseph’s Coat Rose

One of the most beautiful climbing or shrub roses available today is the Joseph’s Coat rose. It’s fantastically fragrant, but its best quality is its ability to bloom in different colors. Interested in growing your own Joseph’s Coat Rose? Here’s what you need to know. At A Glance: What You Should Know About The Joseph’s Coat Rose This stunning cultivar … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With J

Jack-in-the-pulpit Arisaema triphyllum is a striking perennial plant, with large leaves and eye-catching spadix flowers, which conceal the true flowers.  It hails from eastern parts of North America, mainly in damp woodland. It is also known as jack-in-the- pulpit or wild ginger (see also How To Grow The Shampoo Ginger Lily). The name Arisaema comes from Greek aris meaning “to … Read More

14 Types Of Jasmine Flowers

14 Types Of Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and versatile. They come in different forms, some of which are shrubs, and some are vines. These striking plants come from the olive family, Oleaceae, and have naturalized in many warm parts of the world.  In addition to being used in perfumes and cosmetics, they also serve as a natural insect repellent. Jasmine flowers belong … Read More

Jasmine Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Jasmine is one of those captivating flowers, not just for its outward beauty, but for its unforgettable fragrance.  Each delicate-looking flower carries an unbelievable amount of scent, which has been used in countless ways over the centuries. Its smell and appearance has helped cement its popularity as one of the most fragrant flowers you can grow yourself. The scent itself … Read More