How To Propagate Your Plants


Snake plants are notoriously slow when it comes to propagation, but don’t let that put you off. Many people choose to propagate these gorgeous plants anyway.  It just requires a little more patience than you might be used to when it comes to propagation, especially if you’re used to propagating the likes of Tradescantia and Pothos, which are much easier … Read More

5 Care Tips For Philodendron Gloriosum, Propagation And Troubleshooting

One of the most sought-after plants within the Philodendron genus is Philodendron gloriosum, a gorgeous plant that produces giant heart-shaped leaves with a velvety sheen. While coveted in the houseplant market, it is classed as vulnerable in its native Colombia. When grown in the right conditions, this plant can produce absolutely stunning leaves that can reach 40cm across! This is … Read More

Jade Plant Leaf Propagation: 1 Lazy And Effective Method

Jade plants are one of the easiest plants to grow, and if you give them the right conditions, they can live for one hundred years or more. It also helps that you can propagate them very easily. You might have even done this through stem cuttings before, but one way of making the most of every part you cut from … Read More

How To Propagate Aloe Plants: Making New Plants From Pups

Some succulents can be difficult to propagate, but the aloe plant is not one of them! It’s one of the easiest plants you can propagate, as it readily produces plantlets at the bottom of the main plant. Give your aloe plant the right growing conditions, and you’ll see more aloe pups than you might know what to do with!  There … Read More

Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation: 3 Easy Methods

The Philodendron Pink Princess, sometimes referred to as PPP, is a gorgeous plant that’s always in demand.  As soon as it comes in stock in a plant shop or nursery, it seems to fly off the shelves, so knowing how to propagate this plant is valuable when you want more of them! It’s especially important when you consider that you … Read More

Pineapple Propagation: 9 Easy Steps To Root A Fruit Top

Growing new plants from fruit and vegetables is very satisfying, especially when it’s the non-edible part that you use to propagate. It makes a fun project, but not many can be grown as tropical houseplants like pineapples can! A pineapple plant is a sight to see. It’s not a novelty that you get tired of quickly, and you might be … Read More

How To Propagate A Spider Plant: 5 Easy Methods

Spider plants are very easy to grow, provided that you get the watering and light levels right most of all.  If you’ve been growing these beautiful plants for a while, and you have a mature spider plant, you may notice that your plant starts to produce baby spider plants on long stems, and you can propagate these in two ways. … Read More

How to Propagate Jade Plants From Stem Cuttings: The Easy Way

Succulents can be very easy or difficult to propagate, depending on the species you choose, and the conditions you give them.  Jade plants are one of the easiest succulent plants to grow, and they are also one of several plant species that you could potentially pass onto another generation as they can live for a very long time! It helps … Read More

Pilea Peperomioides Propagation: 3 Easy, Fun Methods To Try!

Propagating your plants is always satisfying, but when it comes to Pilea peperomioides, it is always easy, and there are several methods you can try. The Chinese Money Plant is a beautiful plant in its own right, but it’s always nice to grow a plant that you can soon have two of, or ten! This makes it quick and easy … Read More

Where to Cut Pothos to Propagate – Simple Steps

Most foliage houseplants are fairly easy to propagate, and while pothos plants are relatively straightforward when it comes to taking cuttings, there is a trick to getting a fuller plant. The method is the same for any kind of pothos plant, no matter the variety you have, and doesn’t that always make things easier? Let’s get started. Your Plants Will … Read More