9 Scindapsus Varieties To Collect

Scindapsus plants are not the most commonly grown house plant species, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t grow them. There are lots of beautiful varieties to choose from, from ones commonly available to ones you’ll have a hard time finding except online from a specialist seller, and it helps that for the most part, these plants are easy … Read More

Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight – Growth And Care Guide

The Scindapsus genus isn’t the most well-known when it comes to houseplants when compared to Pothos and Philodendron, but it is worth considering, as there are many beautiful plants to choose from. ‘Moonlight’ is a gorgeous example, featuring large, thick leaves in a silvery green, which is where the common name comes from. This striking vining plant looks perfect in … Read More

How To Grow Scindapsus Pictus Or The Silver Philodendron

Vining house plants add a great focal point to any room, but one that you might not immediately think of that deserves your attention is Scindapsus pictus, also known as the Silver Philodendron. It’s easy to grow, especially if you already have a heart leaf Philodendron or a Pothos plant, as the growing conditions that this plant needs are pretty … Read More