Alocasia Dragon Scale Care

There is no doubt that Alocasia plants are striking, and one that’s bound to add a dramatic flair to your home is Alocasia Dragon Scale, sometimes known as Alocasia Green Dragon or Alocasia baginda ‘Dragon Scale’. Interested in growing your own Alocasia Dragon Scale? Here’s what you need to know. Alocasia Dragon Scale At A Glance Alocasia Dragon Scale is … Read More

Elephant Ear Care Guide

Elephant Ear plants are some of the most impressive and stunning species you can grow, and it helps that there are many to choose from. The common name Elephant Ear is a blanket term for several genera, including Alcoasia, Caladium, Colocasia, and Xanthosoma. With so much variety, there is a variety to suit every taste and space, introducing more life … Read More

Propagating Alocasia | Full Alocasia Propagation Guide

The one downside to growing Alocasia plants is that you can’t propagate them via stem cuttings or leaf cuttings, which, in a perfect world, would create a houseplant jungle of Alocasias in no time. But that doesn’t mean to say that growing new Alocasias through propagation is impossible, you just have to do it a little differently. The best way … Read More

Alocasia Black Velvet: How To Grow And Plant Care

Alocasia Black Velvet is a houseplant classic for a reason: it’s one of the most beautiful, near-black foliage plants you can grow. It instantly steals the attention from other houseplants, making a dramatic focal point that you won’t regret caring for. It also helps that this plant is simple to grow, even if you’re a beginner when it comes to … Read More

Alocasia Regal Shield

Alocasia ‘Regal Shield’ is an impressive houseplant with huge deep purple leaves, dark veins, and tall stems.  It’s a striking plant that will add plenty of drama to any room, but it can be a little tricky to care for if you can’t give it the higher humidity and indirect light it requires. It’s also worth considering that this plant … Read More

Alocasia Wentii: Propagation And Care Guide

Few plants can give your home the dramatic jungle vibes that Alocasia wentii can, with its gigantic umbrella-like leaves reaching about 40cm! The beautiful leaves are the star of this plant, with ruffled edges, and purple tints to the underside of the leaves. You’ll need plenty of space for this one, as the average height and spread of the plant … Read More

Alocasia Zebrina: All You Need To Know About The Zebra Plant

One of the most beautiful, large foliage houseplants is the Alocasia zebrina.  It’s one of the most popular Alocasias for good reason, with huge arrowhead leaves, and thick, striped stems. While it is endangered in its native Philippines, it’s grown as a houseplant all over the world for its unusual appearance, adding a stunning tropical vibe to any room. But … Read More

Alocasia Types: 23 Varieties To Create A Tropical Ambience

Chances are if you think something is missing from your home, it’s usually a plant or three. They help add focal points to any room, drawing the eye and helping you relax. Alocasias are some of the most striking and unusual plants you can grow in your home, adding tropical vibes that will soften the look of any room. While … Read More

Alocasia Flowers: 5 Common Questions Answered

We grow Alocasia plants for their fabulous leaves, and the foliage on these gorgeous plants can get huge in the right conditions. But did you know that these plants can also flower? As aroid plants, they don’t produce what we would normally call flowers, but inflorescence. But why do they bloom? Does this damage the plant? How do you spot … Read More

Alocasia Bambino: 7 Vital Care Tips For A Thriving Plant

For an Alocasia that’s on the smaller side but is just as beautiful as the larger species, Alocasia Bambino might be your next plant. This is a stunning Jewel Alocasia variety with glossy, arrow-shaped leaves in an emerald green, characterized by prominent light green veins, giving the plant a somewhat scaly appearance. Interested in learning more about Alocasia Bambino? Not … Read More