How To Keep Groundhogs Out Of Your Garden

While a great part of gardening is watching nature make its home in your garden, there are some visitors you don’t want to attract, and one of those is the groundhog. While they are cute from a distance, they can wreak a lot of havoc on your garden and destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for. Once they set up … Read More

The Gloriosa Genus (Flame Lily)

Gloriosa is a fairly small plant genus, consisting of 12 different species in the Colchicaceae plant family, which is also home to cyclamen and other woodland plants. These plants are famed for their gorgeous flowers which look like lilies, and the ruffled appearance of each petal curing in on itself looks as though it’s on fire, hence the name flame … Read More

The Gomphrena Genus

The Gomphrena genus is made up of over 100 different species in the amaranth family, and you may know the plants within this family as globe amaranths. Gomphrena At A Glance Plants within the genus hail from warm, tropical, and subtropical parts of the world, and there’s a type for every garden, as the genus consists of annuals and perennials … Read More

The Gentiana Genus (Gentian)

Gentian plants belong to the Gentiana genus, which is made up of about 400 different species in the Gentianaceae family, making this a fairly large genus. These beautiful flowers are easily recognizable, with their vivid colors made up of around 5 sepals, stamens, and petals. Most of the time, these flowers come in a bright blue, but you may find … Read More

The Gladiolus Genus (Gladiola; Sword Lily)

Gladiolus is a striking genus of perennial plants which come from the iris family. This genus is made up of around 300 different species, which hail from South Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean parts of Europe. You can see the resemblance to the iris in the sword-shaped leaves, as well as the huge amount of different colors available.  Gladiolus plants … Read More

The Gypsophila Genus (Baby’s Breath)

Part of the Caryophyllaceae or carnation plant family, Gypsophila plants come from many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, and grow as a naturalized species in other areas. One particular country with a lot of diverse species is Turkey.  These striking plants are known for their petite, delicate-looking white or pink flowers, which appear on tall … Read More

The Gaillardia Genus (Blanket Flower)

Gaillardia is a very colorful genus, comprising just under 30 different species of flowers, which belong to the sunflower family. You can see the resemblance in their richly-colored blooms, often featuring more than one warm shade in each flower. Gaillardia At A Glance Like most plants in the daisy family, these blooms are made up of ray florets, which form … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With G

Gaillardia Gaillardia is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family, native to North America and South America. The name comes from Maître Gaillard de Charentonnea, a French magistrate who lived during the 18th Century, who had a particular passion for botany.  Most types of Gaillardia come in tender perennial or annual forms, perfect for adding summer color into … Read More