5 Best Biennial Flowering Plants You Can Grow

You’re probably familiar with annual and perennial plants. Annual plants grow and live only for a single year, producing some of the brightest flowers available in order to attract lots of pollinators, to set seed before the plant dies. Perennial plants are also very beautiful, with the added benefit of being reliable bloomers. They will flower year after year as … Read More

60 Spring Flowers That You Can Grow In Your Garden

Spring is celebrated as the season where many plants emerge from the dormancy of winter. We shake off the lethargy of winter, as the temperature edges up just a little with every passing week, the sun climbing that little bit further in the sky. Even in the first few days, you start to see green shoots emerge. Some plants start … Read More

40 Best Perennial Plants and Flowers for Your Garden

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to picking out plants for your garden.  While annual plants are a great way to learn, and to discover what colors and forms you like in your own garden, it can get expensive, very quickly, even if you grow them from seed.  While the seed packets are a … Read More

Passion Flowers Meaning and Symbolism

Passiflora, or the passion flower, is an unforgettable flower which belongs to the plant family Passifloraceae.  Most of these plants are vines which grow tendrils to attach to nearby plants and other structures for support, but you can get other plants within the genus which grow as small bushes or trees.  The flower is, of course, the most-loved part of … Read More

5 Best Types of Climbing Vines with Flowers That Easily Grow Fast

Maybe you’re bored with only growing plants in beds and containers. Maybe you have a bare wall or fence that’s just crying out for some greenery, and some gorgeous flowers to add something extra into your green space. If you’re looking to make your garden into something out of a storybook, a more traditional cottage garden, or a tropical paradise, … Read More

Top 31 Beautiful Types of Orange Flowers You Can Grow In Your Garden

Orange is a hue that really shows off any form of flower, and it also helps that they attract a lot of pollinators into the garden, while they also brighten up any space you can imagine. They are also very versatile, as many species of flowers come in orange, while it’s still regarded as an unusual color. It’s perfect for … Read More

Top 60 Summer Flowers to Plant for a Spectacular Garden

While being one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, summer is the time when we can spend the most time outdoors and enjoy the best the year has to offer.  In other seasons, we dream of lazy sunny days, hearing the bees visit flowers, and watching the sun light up and transform our gardens into seas of spectacular … Read More

60 Best Types of Purple Flowering Plants You Should Know

The color purple has a lovely richness to it, no matter the hue you actually find it in. It’s often linked to ideas of luxury, authority, nobility, and royalty, and anything else that sets something or someone apart. One of the best ways that nature displays purple is through flowers. You can find purple flowers in every hue and tone … Read More

111 Flowering Plants and Other Botanical Names for Boys and Girls

I bet, at one point, you googled your name to see its meaning. You may even have asked your parents to see why they chose the name they did, and got met with the frustrating “Oh, you just looked like a [name].”  Maybe there’s a great anecdote behind your name, and you’re struggling to find the same for your own … Read More

Perennial vs Annual: What Are The Differences Between These Flowering Plants?

If you’re looking at planting flowers in your garden for the first time, there are a lot of terms that are confusing when it comes to plants, what they do, how long they live for, and what they look like during the different seasons and stages of their life cycle.  One of the first things you’ll notice is some plants … Read More

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