How To Grow and Care for The Eugenia Plant (Syzygium paniculatum)

Hailing from New South Wales in Australia, the Eugenia plant, or Syzygium paniculatum is a beautiful plant found in the rainforest, but it also makes a stunning addition to gardens, too. It can be grown as a topiary, a bonsai tree, or a standard tree, if you live in a warm enough zone, that is. Let’s take a look. At … Read More

Lupine Flower (Lupinus): Types, How To Grow, And Plant Care

Lupines are beautiful plants that introduce plenty of color and life into any garden. They are easy to grow, and don’t need a lot of care, making them a popular choice in many spaces. There are about 200 different species to choose from, the majority of which come from North and South America, but you can also find some species … Read More

Passion Flowers: Types, How To Grow And Plant Care

Also known as Passiflora, passion flower vines are among the most beautiful climbing plants you can grow, with their instantly recognizable flowers, with a long flowering season. They will quickly cover any vertical surface, providing a great screen for any bare fence, wall, or trellis. Not sure if the passion flower vine is for you? Here’s everything you need to … Read More

Growing And Caring For The Voodoo Lily (Amorphophallus Konjac)

There are so many interesting houseplants to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones to go for, especially since there tends to be less room in our homes than in the garden. So sometimes you have to be a little choosy, or get a little creative in terms of where you can grow your houseplants. One plant … Read More

How To Identify, Grow, And Care For The Honeysuckle Vine

If you’re looking for unusual flowers that provide gorgeous color and fragrance and attract many pollinators, you cannot go wrong with honeysuckle. It gives a romantic look to any planting scheme, and softens any landscape. Honeysuckles are usually vines, but you can get shrub types too, which make the perfect hedge.  Not sure if honeysuckle would be right for your … Read More

How To Grow And Care For The Mexican Flame Vine (Senecio Confusus)

Known for its fiery orange or red flowers, and arrow-shaped leaves, this plant will make you do a double take.  You might assume from this plant’s fabulous flowers that this plant is hard to grow, but the Mexican flame vine is actually pretty easy to care for. Not sure if the Mexican flame vine is for you? Let’s take a … Read More

Amaranth Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Amaranth flowers are largely used as ornamental plants in gardens, thanks to their gorgeous pendant flowers in bright colors. But did you know that these flowers also have a lot of symbolism, too? Amaranth flowers signify immortality, but there are other meanings worth exploring, too. Let’s take a look. At A Glance: What You Should Know About Amaranth Amaranth is … Read More

How to Grow and Care for Canna Lilies

Canna lilies are grown all over the world for their striking flowers in bright colors, contrasting well against their large, banana-like leaves. They work with any planting scheme you can imagine, whether that’s a tropical look, a more formal-looking garden, or anything else you might have in mind. Here’s how to get the best out of canna lilies. At A … Read More

How To Grow The Lucky Bean Plant (Castanospermum Australe)

Native to the eastern coastline of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands, the lucky bean plant makes a fabulous houseplant, as long as you have a lot of room. They’re not particularly demanding when it comes to light, and it helps that these beautiful plants grow from a distinct bean that sits on the surface of the soil, … Read More

Peace Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Peace lilies are very popular plants usually grown indoors. They are very forgiving houseplants and will tolerate a lot of conditions that other plants grown indoors would simply die in. They will happily weather drafty positions such as above fireplaces, as well as near windows and doors without any problems, and they will also survive low light without any issues.  … Read More