Flower Meanings And Symbolism

Amaranth Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Amaranth flowers are largely used as ornamental plants in gardens, thanks to their gorgeous pendant flowers in bright colors. But did you know that these flowers also have a lot of symbolism, too? Amaranth flowers signify immortality, but there are other meanings worth exploring, too. Let’s take a look. At A Glance: What You Should Know About Amaranth Amaranth is … Read More

Peace Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Peace lilies are very popular plants usually grown indoors. They are very forgiving houseplants and will tolerate a lot of conditions that other plants grown indoors would simply die in. They will happily weather drafty positions such as above fireplaces, as well as near windows and doors without any problems, and they will also survive low light without any issues.  … Read More

Myrtle Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Myrtle flowers are beautiful starry blooms that are usually white and are grown across the world for their beauty.  Myrtle flowers symbolize love, warmth, affection, and beauty. But these gorgeous flowers are also entrenched in myth and ritual, too. Let’s take a look. At A Glance: The Myrtle Flower The myrtle flower blooms on a green shrub, hailing from the … Read More

Periwinkle Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Periwinkle flowers are a favorite of many gardeners when they need something beautiful to act as a ground cover, filling in bare gaps in the soil, while also making sure that weeds can’t grow along the surface.  But what you might not know is that these flowers have a range of meanings depending on the context and the color of … Read More

Hoary Stock Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Stock flowers are beautiful, grown ornamentally in many places for their beauty. They are often grown in pots for summer color, but also form part of colorful and fragrant bouquets, too. But not many people give these flowers much thought, considering that they do have some symbolism worth paying attention to. When included in a bouquet or given as a … Read More

Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning and Symbolism

A favorite of many florists and anyone wanting to send someone a gift, the baby’s breath flower represents love in different ways. Let’s take a look. Where Does The Name Baby’s Breath Come From? The common name baby’s breath refers to the minuscule flowers that appear in summer, producing clouds of white on large branching stems.  You may also know … Read More

Calla Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

One of the most eye-catching flower types that aren’t a true lily is the calla lily. These beautiful plants are a favorite of gardeners, florists, wedding designers, and houseplant lovers everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why. But what does the calla lily mean?  The Calla Lily At A Glance Calla lily flowers are associated with grace, peace, and … Read More

Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lotus flowers are among the most beautiful of aquatic plants, also known as sacred lotuses, or Nelumbo nucifera.  In the wild, you can find it in the slow-moving waters of Southeast Asia, as well as cultivated water gardens, ponds and rivers across the world. In art, you’ll find it all over the world in many different mediums. But what does … Read More

The Spiraea Genus (Spirea)

The genus spiraea belongs to the rose plant family, and encompasses between 80 and 100 different species of ornamental shrubs. These plants come from the temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere, and are grown all over for their ornamental flowers. Spiraea At A Glance Most people refer to the plants under this genus as spirea, and you may also see … Read More

The Datura Genus (Devil’s Trumpet)

There are nine species within the Datura genus, all of which come under the Solanaceae plant family.  Most of them hail from North America, coming in either annual or brief perennial forms, and all produce dramatic trumpet blooms. Some blooms even feature double petals. A Note On Toxicity Before you put any of these plants onto a must-grow list, there’s … Read More