Fukien Tea Tree (Carmona retusa) Bonsai: How To Grow And Plant Care

While Fukien Tea Tree bonsai trees are not recommended for beginners, they are something to aim for, as the end result is a very satisfying sight.  It does take more experience to shape this bonsai properly, but you will get one of the most graceful bonsai trees available. The Fukien tea tree works perfectly as a bonsai once you have … Read More

False Shamrock (Oxalis): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

While oxalis can be regarded as invasive when grown outdoors, quite a few varieties make for beautiful houseplants.  Oxalis plants are valued not only for their beautiful and unique foliage, but also the way the leaves react to light. When it gets bright enough, false shamrock, or oxalis, will open its leaves, closing them up again when it gets too … Read More

Top 28 Annual Flowering Plants To Grow for a Year-Round Colorful Garden

Annual flowers only last a season, but that’s part of their charm. You appreciate them more because you know they won’t be around next year, unless you sow some more seeds. But annuals also have their perks. For example, if you’re just starting out as a gardener, or if you’ve moved to a new garden, and you’re not sure what … Read More

Freesia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Freesias are fantastic flowers which introduce a lot of fragrance, whether that’s indoors as a cut flower, or a cloud of perfume outdoors.  But they’re not just admired for their delicate beauty or their perfume, they also carry a lot of significance, too. This is just one of the reasons why florists make sure that they have freesias throughout the … Read More

Fortnight Lily (Dietes iridioides): How to Grow and Plant Care

Fortnight lilies are unusual, captivating plants which produce gorgeous flowers every two weeks, hence the name. They are also referred to as the Japanese iris, the African iris, the butterfly iris, or the wood iris.  They are reliable plants that bloom for an extended period of time, providing color and interest from spring all the way through to the later … Read More

Forget Me Not Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The Forget Me Not is a beautifully petite flower that comes in quite a few colors, and they have the benefit of both being a perennial and being able to scatter an abundance of seeds, creating seas of blues, whites, pinks and purples.  They can spring up in the unlikeliest of spaces, where you wouldn’t imagine such a small flower … Read More

Rose Food Guide: How to Use The Best Fertilizer for Roses

Roses are the picture of health when the leaves are slightly or fully glossy, and the flowers are bright, and there is no damage to the foliage or the roses themselves. Appearance will vary depending on the type of rose and the cultivar you choose, but you’ll be able to tell instantly if your roses like their position, the soil, … Read More

Foxglove Flower Meaning and Symbolism

While foxgloves are increasingly popular ornamental plants, they’re not used for cut flowers or in bouquets, as they are quite poisonous.  They are valued for their unusual stacking blooms, as well as being very low maintenance plants – which is good, considering their toxicity! Previously, they were considered weeds, but like many plants that haven’t been in favor for a … Read More

300 Flower Names And Types

Do you love flowers? Want to learn about the different types you can get? Maybe you’ve recently acquired a green space to call your own, and you don’t know where to start. Or you’ve been gardening for years, and you’re looking for the next beautiful bloom. In any case, we’ve got you covered with an alphabetical list of flower names … Read More