Disease And Pest Control Guides

Mold On Plant Soil: What It Means And How To Get Rid Of It

Coming across white mold on your plant’s soil is a nasty shock, but it’s not as bad as it looks, and it is simple to fix. As long as you don’t let the mold sit on the soil for too long, and you fix the cause, there is no reason to panic, as it won’t affect your plant too badly. … Read More

Mealybugs On Plants | What Should You Do?

As they are not the most devastating or annoying houseplant pest out there, mealybugs can be overlooked, quite literally because they are tiny, but make no mistake, these beasties can wreak a lot of havoc. If you see fuzzy dots on your houseplants, don’t wait around for the mealybug numbers to get bigger! Here’s everything you need to know about … Read More

Eliminating Fungus Gnats: 3 Easy Steps For Your Houseplants

Pests are undoubtedly one of the worst parts of keeping houseplants.  No matter how careful you are, at some point, your houseplants will suffer from a pest infestation, whether that’s through contaminated soil (yes, even the brand you usually get), an infected plant, or even keeping your plants too close to an open window. The quicker you see pests on … Read More

Spider Plant Brown Tips: 8 Most Common Causes And How To Fix Them

Spider plants are one of the easiest plants to grow, but they are not without their problems.  One of the most common issues you will run into when growing spider plants is the leaf tips turning brown, and like many plant problems, there are many reasons this can happen, and figuring out why is the hard part. When a leaf … Read More

Thrips On Houseplants: 6 Top Tricks To Prevent And Treat These Pests

When it comes to houseplants, the only real frustration you will encounter (after killing a plant, that is), is seeing your hard work and care go down the drain when you notice nothing seems to be working, and then you realize your plant is riddled with pests. Thrips are probably the most annoying pest you can encounter in growing houseplants, … Read More

Scale On Houseplants: 5 Effective Steps to Eliminate Them

It’s inevitable that at some point, you will have to deal with pests on your houseplants.  Whether that’s providing them with the wrong conditions, or a single plant causing a full-blown infestation across your collection, they spread easily, and quicker than you might expect.  Dealing with pests on your plants is a little like putting out fires: there is some … Read More

Droopy Moth Orchid Leaves: How To Revive Your Plant

Moth orchids are beautiful plants, but they are a fast learning curve. They have quite different requirements to other plants, and you won’t really understand this until you try to grow one! If you don’t understand why your orchid plant is unhappy, you may soon find yourself throwing the poor thing in the trash if problems persist for too long.  … Read More

The 7 Most Common Hydrangea Diseases

Hydrangeas are stunning plants that make an impact in any garden, flowering reliably for years and years to come.  While they are very resilient plants, sometimes they fall victim to disease, in which case you need to act quickly. Here’s what to look for in hydrangea diseases, and how you can help your hydrangea recover, if you catch problems early … Read More

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Your Garden: 10 Effective Tricks

Dogs are loving and sweet creatures, but there are times when they are less adorable and absolutely full of mischief.  The world is their playground, and sometimes there is nothing more exciting than the garden, cheerfully digging up all your hard work because they’ve caught an interesting scent, or they just want to dig a crater in the soil. It’s … Read More

How To Keep Bugs Out Of The Garden

One of the inevitable parts of gardening is the bugs. There are many beautiful bugs that don’t cause your garden any problems, and actually help your plants, but there are lots of bugs that can decimate your plants, and be a nuisance to you and your family, too. If you’re not careful, harmful bugs can quickly take over your plants, … Read More