Dicentra Name Meaning and Symbolism (Bleeding Heart)

Dicentra is one of the most unusual and instantly recognizable genera, with spurred flowers that look like hearts. The genus is made up of about 8 species in the poppy plant family, and the majority come from North America and Asia. Some plants that were originally part of the dicentra genus have been reclassified, and probably the most famous of … Read More

Dianthus Name Meaning and Symbolism

Part of the pinks plant family, Dianthus contains around 340 different species of flowers, hailing from many parts of the world including Asia, Europe, and arctic North America. They also enjoy a lot of popularity in cultivation, being one of the most popular flowers for Mother’s Day and as gifts in general, as well as being a staple in many … Read More

Narcissus Name Meaning and Symbolism (Daffodil)

Narcissus is probably one of the most familiar genera out there, consisting of over 100 species of trumpet-shaped flowers, hailing from the woodland and meadows in North Africa and Europe. Narcissus At A Glance Daffodils come from the Amaryllis plant family, which means they are related to snowdrops, lily of the Nile, alliums, garlic, and hippeastrums, among other beautiful plants. … Read More

Dietes Name Meaning and Symbolism

Dietes is a genus that falls within the Iris plant family, Iridaceae. There are 6 species in total, which hail from Africa. One species, Dietes robinsoniana, hails from an island just off the coast of Australia. Dietes At A Glance Those under the dietes genus produce flowers which look like miniature irises in their form and color, and bloom at … Read More

Datura Name Meaning and Symbolism (Devil’s Trumpet)

There are nine species within the Datura genus, all of which come under the Solanaceae plant family.  Most of them hail from North America, coming in either annual or brief perennial forms, and all produce dramatic trumpet blooms. Some blooms even feature double petals. A Note On Toxicity Before you put any of these plants onto a must-grow list, there’s … Read More

Dracula Name Meaning and Symbolism (Monkey Orchid)

One of the most recognizable genus of orchids around, the Dracula genus is made up of nearly 120 different species, which hail from Mexico, Central America, and Peru, among others. The genus is characterized by long spurs coming from the sepals of the flower, and the crimson flowers in several species, which look like the exact shade of blood. Dracula … Read More

The Meaning And Symbolism Of Dandelions

You may be someone that curses them every time you find another one in your lawn or garden bed, or someone who tries to raise them from seed in a different climate, admiring their exotic looks. One thing is for sure, dandelions divide opinions straight down the middle. Love them or hate them, dandelions have been entrenched in world-wide myths … Read More

The Dusty Miller Plant

If you’re looking for a plant that will nearly single-handedly start off your garden, you could do worse than the dusty miller plant. It’s a very robust plant, able to withstand both long spells of drought and high temperatures, and thanks to its silvery foliage and eye-catching flowers, it works well in any kind of planting scheme. Interested in growing … Read More

List Of Flower Names Beginning With D

Daffodil Daffodils are a group of plants in the Amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae. They have long been associated with spring and Easter time, but they can be found all year round as houseplants or garden plants. The daffodil is one of the most popular flowers for cutting. It has many cultivars that range from white to yellow, red and orange. There … Read More

Dahlia Flowers: Different Types, How To Plant, Grow and Plant Care

Dahlias are among the most-loved plants there are, grown across the world for their color and beauty. It’s said that once you grow one dahlia, you’ll be hooked. As vices go, that’s a pretty good one! They’re easy to grow, and come in a huge multitude of forms and colors. When you consider how easy it is to hybridize these … Read More

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