Tradescantia Fluminensis: Inch Plant Care And Tips

Inch plants are very popular houseplants, not just because they come in all sorts of bright colors and are easy to care for, but also for their trailing habit, and how easy it is to make many plants out of one single stem! Tradescantia fluminensis is a gorgeous plant that grows quickly and doesn’t require much in the way of … Read More

Tradescantia Zebrina Propagation In 3 Easy Steps

One of the easiest houseplants to propagate is Tradescantia zebrina, sometimes known as the inch plant. Cuttings from this plant root very quickly (even within a couple of days if the conditions are right), and it helps that the inch plant is absolutely beautiful. You can expect a few cuttings to produce a full plant in as little as a … Read More

Tradescantia Zebrina Care: 7 Tips To Help Your Inch Plant Thrive

The inch plant, or Tradescantia zebrina, is an absolutely stunning trailing plant, with glittery leaves in shades of green, near-silver, and purple stripes.  Tradescantia zebrina is a vigorous plant that grows extremely well, and you will need to keep propagating it to keep the growth healthy, but this only takes a couple of minutes.  It’s a very easy plant to … Read More

Wandering Dude Plant (Tradescantia): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Tradescantia is one of the most striking trailing plants you can grow as a houseplant, instantly recognizable for its striped leaves, which are usually bicolored.  It also helps that this plant is incredibly easy to grow and look after. The biggest problem you’ll have is the plant ‘wandering’ across your windowsill or counter, but it’s very easy to take cuttings … Read More