Hoya Kentiana Care And Propagation

If you like trailing plants with long, beautiful leaves, one rare plant that’s worth your time is Hoya kentiana, which is bound to add lots of waterfall greenery to any room. It’s perfect for adding jungle vibes to any room and looks particularly beautiful in a hanging planter, where you can let the vines cascade down towards the floor. Not … Read More

Hoya Mathilde Care And Propagation

Hoya Mathilde is not the most common Hoya hybrid species out there, but it is one you should consider when you’re looking to grow a new Hoya plant. It’s a good one to start with if you’ve never grown Hoyas before, as it isn’t as demanding as other species, and it will still give you the foundation of knowledge as … Read More

Hoya Australis Lisa Care And Propagation

Hoya australis is a lovely Hoya variety on its own, but add some variegation to the leaves, and it becomes stunning.  Enter Hoya australis Lisa, with all the looks and easy-going nature that you could want in a vining plant! Interested in knowing more about Hoya australis Lisa? Not sure if this is the next Hoya plant for you? Let’s … Read More

How To Get A Hoya To Bloom

Wax plants, also known as Hoya plants, are some of the most striking houseplants you can grow in your home, with their beautifully fragrant flowers and eye-catching vines. While easy to care for, it can sometimes be difficult to get Hoya plants to flower. Once you know the tricks, and why your plants might not be flowering (and there is … Read More

Hoya Macrophylla Care Guide

If you’ve grown all the common varieties of Hoya plants out there, and you can’t get enough, it’s time to look for species that are a little more difficult to find but are stunning, more than making up for the effort in sourcing one. Enter Hoya macrophylla, which will make its focal point even among the most striking houseplant collection. … Read More

Hoya Lacunosa Care

Hoya Lacunosa, otherwise known as the Cinnamon Hoya Plant, is one of the many captivating plants in the Hoya genus, though it’s not as widely grown as Hoya carnosa. You should consider Hoya Lacunosa for your next Hoya, as it is absolutely lovely, and has a sweet, almost spicy scent. Interested in making Hoya Lacunosa your newest plant? Not sure … Read More

Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen Care

If trailing plants are your favorites, and you love variegated plants, you’re in for a real treat with Krimson Queen, with its beautiful green and cream foliage on pinkish vines. This is not a tricky plant to care for and will forgive you more for underwatering it rather than being too heavy-handed with the watering regime. There are many Hoya … Read More

Hoya Wayetii Care Guide

Hoya wayetii is not the most well-known trailing plant, with its unusual, elongated leaves in shades of green and even pink or red, if the light levels are high enough. It’s not exactly rare, but it’s not as commonly stocked in nurseries, and it’s unusual enough that it’s worth searching for it, as it’s easy to care for as long … Read More

Hoya Pubicalyx Care

Hoya Pubicalyx is a beautiful Hoya with deep green leaves, sometimes featuring silvery spots on the foliage and purplish stems. The plant comes into its own when it blooms, boasting starry pink flowers in dramatic clusters. It also helps that this plant is relatively low-maintenance, as long as you get the care right from the get-go. Not sure if Hoya … Read More

How To Repot Hoya Plants In Three Easy Steps

Repotting Hoya plants can be tricky, as these plants are one of the few that actively prefer being slightly root-bound. It encourages better growth, and leads to the fabulous flowers that we all grow these plants for! But there is a point where enough is enough, and your Hoya is ready for some more space. No matter what type of … Read More