Cattleya Orchids: Facts, Different Varieties, and How to Grow and Plant Care

Even if you’re not familiar with the different types of orchids (understandable, considering it’s the largest plant family in the world), you’re probably familiar with the cattleya orchid, as it’s the one most people picture when they think of orchids. That says a lot about its enduring popularity. Out of the many types of orchids, the cattleya orchid is the … Read More

Purple Coneflowers: Different Types, Plant Varieties and Facts

One of the best ways to flood your garden with color through your borders and containers is to grow purple coneflowers.  These pigmented perennials are a part of the daisy plant family, and while there are plenty of gorgeous flowers to choose from, coneflowers really hold their own in terms of color and form, even in a completely packed, colorful … Read More

Carnation Flowers: Types and Plant Growing and Caring Tips

Carnations, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, under the Dianthus genus, are fantastic, long-lasting perennial plants which produce deceptively delicate-looking flowers in a range of colors. These particular flowers have been used as gifts for centuries, but they’ve also been a popular subject for art such as still life, as well as being loved by gardeners and poets everywhere. More often … Read More

Crocus Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Crocus flowers are often seen as one of the first signs of renewal in a new year, as they are one of the first flowers to appear in the often still-freezing temperatures of spring. You may also hear them being referred to as the ‘light bulb flower’, not only for the shape of the bloom before it opens, but also … Read More

Carnation Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Carnations have a lot of weighty symbolism for such a delicate-looking, petite flower. We often use them to celebrate graduations and a new chapter in life.  We also use them in corsages, where they embody good luck and protection, which is a tradition dating back to Ancient Greece. However, this isn’t everything that these enigmatic flowers symbolize. Keep reading to … Read More

Cleyera (Cleyera japonica): How to Grow and Plant Care

If you’re looking for a screening plant which is easy to grow, and provides architectural structure and color no matter the season, Cleyera is a very good contender for the job.  Read on to discover more about the Cleyera japonica, and what you need to know about this plant, and how you can get the best out of it.  What … Read More

Camellia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Part of the flowering tea family Theaceae, the Camellia is from eastern and southern Asia, and is grown throughout the world because of its nearly-maintenance free nature, and how it produces prolific blooms in red, white, and pink.  When people refer to the camellia flower, they usually mean Camellia japonica, or Camellia sasanqua, but it’s most likely the former. Another … Read More

Cosmos Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Cosmos are treasured for being one of the easiest flowers you can grow in your garden.  Sprinkle some seeds in a bed – nearly anywhere you like – and you can expect to see beautiful, airy stems springing forth from the ground in very little time at all. Shortly after, perfectly symmetrical flowers will open. The flowers themselves come in … Read More

Cherry Blossom (Prunus) Bonsai Tree: How To Grow and Plant Care

The cherry blossom tree is admired throughout the world for the spectacular and fleeting display it puts on in spring, and it has special significance to Japan.  There’s a centuries-old traditional celebration of the cherry blossom where people gather beneath the trees to admire them and socialize, and the trees themselves have been widely grown as bonsai trees. Caring for … Read More

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Chrysanthemum flowers are called ‘mums’ or chrysanths for short. At first glance, they’re a very beautiful flower with a huge amount of stacked petals, and they’re often used in landscaping or as a cut flower because of their magnificent appearance. While you might give someone chrysanthemums because they are beautiful, there’s a lot of symbolism behind this captivating bloom, which … Read More

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