Aster Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The aster has been a favorite around the world for centuries.  While it’s part of the daisy family and often confused as the daisy, because of its similar shape, and it’s ability to grow pretty much anywhere, they are two completely different flowers with very different symbolism. There are three main types of asters to know, and which are often … Read More

23 Amazing African Flowering Plants You Should Know

Some of the most beautiful plants in the world hail from Africa, which also features a huge diversity of plants, some of which are unique to this beautiful country. If you want to know more about African flora, or you want to create your own tropical paradise, rockery, or you’ve got the perfect place for an unusual and captivating houseplant, … Read More

Anemone Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Part of the buttercup family in the Ranunculaceae genus, anemones are popular for both cut flowers and as container plants. They have a fragile, understated beauty, which has a lot of meaning attached to them. Some can even contradict each other, depending on the cultural context. What does ‘Anemone’ Mean? ‘Anemone’ comes from Greek, which translates as ‘daughter of the … Read More

Top 10 Asian Flowers and Their Meanings

Being such a large continent, Asia has a wide range of different climates and terrain, which results in an even wider range of native, beautiful flowers. Some are grown all over the world as ornamental beauties, widely admired for their unique looks, and this is a testament to their adaptability, being able to thrive in conditions that they’re not necessarily … Read More