Daisy Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Daisies are the birth month flower of April, when they spring to life and cover lawns with tiny bursts of yellow and white. 

It has a fragile look to its tiny white petals, and the sunny golden center. It’s widely admired as a flower of spring, and for its symbolism. 

What does the Word Daisy Mean?

Daisy can be a confusing name. It refers to the English daisy, but also the plants that are part of the Asteraceae family.

“Aster” from Latin, translates to “star”, and if you look at a daisy, that’s what you’ll see.

The Latin name for the daisy, Bellis perennis, translates to “pretty everlasting” mentioning both its wide-held beauty, and how notorious it spreads through lawns and gardens. You can’t get rid of them by mowing – but would you really want to?

The word daisy also comes from the Old English word for the flower, dæġes ēaġe, which means “day’s eye”,  and refers to the trait of flowers that follow the sun as it moves through the sky, which is called heliotropism.

This characteristic is probably where the phrase “as fresh as a daisy” when you’ve had a good sleep comes from.

What does a Daisy Represent?

Depending on who you speak to, daisies have a myriad of meanings. 

Daisies embody innocence and purity, as well as a child’s curiosity, as children can’t leave daisies alone! For this reason, in some parts of Scotland and Northern England, the flower is known as bairnswort. 

Daisies represent the beauty of simplicity, love, and renewal. They also symbolize true love and the transformation that love can lead over your life. 

Celtic legend has said that when an infant or a child dies, the deities scatter daisies to ease the parents’ pain. 

What does the Michaelmas Daisy Signify?

The aster amellus, the Michaelmas daisy or the Italian daisy, symbolizes an ending, or a farewell to something or someone. 

What does a Gerber Daisy Mean?

Gerber daisies symbolize happiness and an upbeat attitude to life.

What does an English Daisy Signify?

Broadly, English daisies represent innocence. If paired with primroses, which is a symbol of love and childhood, the combination represents parental love and protection.

What is the Cultural Significance of the Daisy?

In Roman mythology, the god of gardens and the seasons Vertumnus, the god of plant growth, of gardens and seasons, desired a nymph named Belides.

This became an infatuation, which grew into a creepy obsession. While stories of this kind don’t normally end well – and it probably doesn’t, depending on your opinion – she managed to escape his overbearing behavior. 

Well, escape. She turned herself into a field of daisies to avoid him, and his potential wrath if she said no. That’s the Roman deity equivalent of leaving someone on a read message. 

What does a Daisy Tattoo Mean?

Daisy tattoos carry a lot of positive symbolism, and embody faith, love, and loyalty.

While a simple design, the daisy has been admired for a very long time, and just because it is simple, doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful or meaningful than a more ornate flower. 

When Should You Give Someone a Daisy?

While you’d normally give someone a daisy in April, as that’s when they’re at their best, if you can find or grow some, you can give daisies to someone any time of the year.

It’s a great choice to give someone a daisy if their birthday is in April, as it’s one of the birth flowers for that month, along with sweet peas. 

It’s also a great flower to give a child, as the flower fascinates them, and embodies all the beauty and delicate grace of any flower in a much smaller package.

Daisies are also abundant in springtime, so if they lose the flower, I’m sure you’ll be able to find another one without much trouble.

The flower also represents cheer, the relief of spring after a cold winter, playfulness, and joy despite life’s challenges. It stands for the loyalty that love holds you to, and a gentleness that affection can inspire. 

In the language of Victorian flowers, the daisy symbolizes a first love, or love that is uncomplicated by circumstance or reason. 

No matter who you have in mind to receive a daisy, these elegant flowers are usually warmly received, and can brighten up anyone’s day.

It’s the simplicity of the daisy’s charm and the affection behind the gesture that adds the warmth behind your gift. 

Unlike other flowers, a daisy is not a symbol of a promise of something eternal, which makes it all the more important. 

It’s a symbol of the present, of appreciating what you have, who you have, what you feel, whilst it’s there. It’s how you stay connected to your life, and everything in it. 

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