Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Chrysanthemum flowers are called ‘mums’ or chrysanths for short. At first glance, they’re a very beautiful flower with a huge amount of stacked petals, and they’re often used in landscaping or as a cut flower because of their magnificent appearance.

While you might give someone chrysanthemums because they are beautiful, there’s a lot of symbolism behind this captivating bloom, which you should probably be aware of before you give them as a gift.

What does ‘Chrysanthemum’ Mean?

The name chrysanthemum comes from two Greek words, chrysos, which means gold, and anthemon, which means flower. This refers to the original color of the flower before new hybrids were introduced – they were largely found in a golden yellow.

Chrysanthemum flowers come in many different shapes and colors, but the most common one used for cut flowers is Dendranthema, which has been classified as a separate genus of flowers. 

They’re the type favored by florists, as the blooms are hardy and last a relatively long time.

The flowers often grown in gardens and from seed are usually from the chrysanthemum family. 

What do Chrysanthemum Flowers Signify?

Chrysanthemum blooms usually signify friendship, of a deep, platonic connection between two people that adds a wealth of meaning into both your lives. 

It’s a testament to the strength of the relationship, and the bond that ties you together, no matter what life throws at you. 

Along similar lines, chrysanthemum flowers are often given to someone to symbolize your loyalty and devotion to them, whether that is in the context of a romantic relationship or a profound friendship.

They signify that you’ll do anything for them that’s in your power to do, and you hope that they would do the same for you.

Because of the bright colors chrysanthemums come in, these flowers are closely tied to joy and positivity. 

They are the perfect choice when someone has been going through a tough time, or if you want to brighten up someone’s day (or your own). 

They’re also a reminder that you’re there for them when they need you the most. 

What does a White Chrysanthemum Flower Symbolize?

White chrysanthemum flowers, like many white flowers, represent innocence, spirituality, and purity. 

They’re also a nice gift for any occasion, if you don’t want the flowers to represent something specific. 

What does a Red Chrysanthemum Flower Mean?

Red chrysanthemum flowers are on another level, aren’t they? Red chrysanthemum flowers symbolize life, desire, passion, and devotion, and are perfect for your other half, no matter the reason.

What does a Pink Chrysanthemum Flower Suggest?

Pink chrysanthemum flowers signify that you hold someone dear to your heart. You may like them romantically, or you may never envision that kind of relationship with them, but they also represent devotion.

What does a Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Symbolize?

Yellow chrysanthemum flowers indicate happiness and joy. You may be telling someone that they bring a wealth of both of these into your life, or that you simply want to brighten their day up a little and make them happy.

What is the Cultural Significance Behind the Chrysanthemum Flower?

In many cultures, the chrysanthemum flower has special significance, though they mean different things depending on the culture itself.

In Victorian times, chrysanthemum flowers were given to celebrate friendship, and the support and meaning it adds to life.

In Japan, the chrysanthemum was introduced in the 5th Century. Ever since, it’s been the symbol of the imperial family and the Japanese emperor. In Japanese culture, the flower represents autumn, longevity, and nobility.

To Australians, the chrysanthemum blooms are often a Mother’s Day gift to show appreciation and devotion.

In China, they’re used in traditional medicine. The flower itself symbolizes a long, happy life, so it’s often included in artworks of all types, as well as funeral flowers. 

Red chrysanthemums are traditionally sold at Chinese New Year, as red symbolizes life and its energy. 

What does a Chrysanthemum Tattoo Mean?

Chrysanthemums are widely popular when it comes to tattoos, because of their beauty, and the endless styles they can be depicted in. They also symbolize rebirth or a period of personal growth, renewal, tranquility, and joy. 

These flowers are also used to commemorate a significant relationship or event which has brought the owner peace and joy. In tattoos, chrysanthemum flowers are a very positive image.

When Should You Give Someone a Chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum flowers are a suitable gift for any reason – or no reason at all. You can give someone chrysanthemums without them having to signify anything, simply just to bring them joy.

Chrysanthemum flowers are also the birth flower of November, making them a fitting gift for a birthday in that month.

If you are looking for a symbolic display of chrysanthemums, you can give these beautiful blooms to someone to show them that you care, particularly if they’re going through a tough time. The vivid colors and the symbolism of devotion only add to the message designed to brighten their day.

They’re also a good gift when you want to wish a loved one a long and happy life. 

Chrysanthemum flowers are perfect for birthdays, celebrating a life milestone, or as a get-well wish if they are suffering from illness, or they’ve been unlucky enough to be in hospital for a while. 

Whatever the reason you decide to give chrysanthemum flowers to someone, they’re bound to be well-received, brightening someone’s day just that bit more than before. 

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