Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning and Symbolism

A favorite of many florists and anyone wanting to send someone a gift, the baby’s breath flower represents love in different ways.

Let’s take a look.

Where Does The Name Baby’s Breath Come From?

The common name baby’s breath refers to the minuscule flowers that appear in summer, producing clouds of white on large branching stems. 

You may also know this flower as Gypsophila paniculata, though there are other species that also go by this name.

You’ll find it growing wild in central and eastern parts of Europe, but it is grown all over the world for its beautiful looks, as well as a gorgeous addition to bouquets and gifts.

What Do Baby’s Breath Flowers Mean?

Baby’s breath flowers are so widely gifted that they have become a bit of a cliché in some parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean that the message they give is any less sincere. 

As the flowers are so delicate and small, they are usually used as part of a larger arrangement or decoration, but giving a gift of a bunch of baby’s breath allows these flowers to really come into their own. 

As you might imagine from the name, baby’s breath flowers represent a fresh start in life, innocence, and rebirth. 

Because of this, they are often included in wedding flowers, as a promise to someone, and to celebrate a new child.

It also helps that these flowers have a lovely sweet smell, and they are so easy to grow that they are an affordable option for any occasion you can think of.

There are a lot of cultural associations attached to these dainty flowers, too. Because of the name, these flowers are also given to new parents for good luck, and in some places, to a newly-wed couple to bless them with many children in their new life together.

Baby’s Breath In Different Cultures

Baby’s breath flowers are seen as the ultimate symbol of love and new beginnings, which is why they are often used in wedding decorations and corsages as a promise to someone.

You may also see them as funeral flowers, where they symbolize respect, love, and how someone has died before their time. They are often used as sympathy flowers for this reason.

In some parts of the US, you’ll see baby’s breath used for corsages. They are so widely sold that they are grown in Peru to be exported all over the world. Florists primarily use them to contrast larger and bolder flowers.

It’s also worth noting that these flowers have become invasive in parts of America thanks to their vigorous growth habit, as a nuisance weed. 

In China, Gypsophila oldhamiana, another type of baby’s breath, is used to treat various ailments in herbal medicine, including fever, typhoid, and lung disease.

What Does A Baby’s Breath Tattoo Mean?

A baby’s breath flower is an unusual choice for a tattoo, but it is steadily growing in popularity. There are many reasons why you might want to get a baby’s breath tattoo.

The soft cloud-like silhouette of the flowers make them an attractive option for any design.

Some people use a baby’s breath in a tattoo design to memorialize someone or to mark a specific memory on their skin. 

As the flower is often used to represent your love for someone, as well as hope, it’s a good choice to honor someone. It can also be used to memorialize someone who has died.

Some people get a baby’s breath tattoo when they want to mark a turning point in their life’s journey, representing rebirth, revitalized energy, love, and grace.

The Best Time To Gift Someone Baby’s Breath Flowers

Baby’s breath flowers are suitable for pretty much any gift you can think of. As they signify new beginnings, they often form part of wedding flowers, anniversaries, or when someone you love has achieved a great milestone.

A baby’s breath is also used to celebrate new life when someone has a baby or starts their own adventure.

They can also form part of larger bouquets to contrast bigger and brighter flowers, bringing out the beauty of both. Used with other flowers, a baby’s breath can send a nuanced message to someone you love.

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