Heather and Heath Flowers: Different Plant Varieties and Interesting Facts

Flowers such as heath and heather are not only important to the ecosystem and the wildlife which are provided with food and shelter, but also to us.  These flowering plants provide a lot of color and a lot of joy in places which often look bereft in the harsh conditions they are adapted to live in, such as fell sides … Read More

Bluebell Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Bluebells are one of the most well-known, striking blue flowers which creates a carpet of blue in woodland areas.  This sight has captured imaginations for centuries, and as a result, these petite flowers have a lot of meaning attached to them. What does ‘Bluebell’ Mean? There are several types of bluebells, but the name is a literal description of the … Read More

111 Flowering Plants and Other Botanical Names for Boys and Girls

I bet, at one point, you googled your name to see its meaning. You may even have asked your parents to see why they chose the name they did, and got met with the frustrating “Oh, you just looked like a [name].”  Maybe there’s a great anecdote behind your name, and you’re struggling to find the same for your own … Read More

Plumeria Flower Meaning and Symbolism

It might surprise you to know that although plumeria flowers or frangipani remind us of Hawaii, these gorgeous flowers were introduced to Hawaii, and they are not part of the natural flora. While they aren’t native, they do thrive in tropical soil and are very suited to the conditions there, where they’ve also come to mean a lot to the … Read More

Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Snapdragons are grown all over the world for their beauty, and their novelty, which makes gardening a real pleasure.  But did you know that these gorgeous flowers also have a lot of meaning attached to them? While they’re not often given as gifts, the symbolism behind these unique flowers makes them a worthy option for any occasion. Read on to … Read More

Pink Roses: History, Types and Meanings

Pink roses are considered to be the most dainty of all roses (and I say that knowing that a color isn’t one specific type of rose).  This is interesting because while they are no less hardy than other colors, people tend to treat them more gently when growing them, and reserving them as gifts for special occasions or as confessions … Read More

Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum) Bonsai: How to Grow and Plant Care

Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at growing a bonsai tree before, but you made the mistake of keeping a tree species, such as a Chinese Elm, or a Maple indoors all year round, and it died as it couldn’t go into the dormancy period it needed to survive. How about a plant that you can grow as a bonsai tree … Read More

Azalea Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Azaleas are grown all over the world for the sheer magnitude of flowers that the shrubs produce, usually between May and June. As well as being admired around the world, these gorgeous blooms are used for centerpieces, bouquets, and weddings for their vivid colors and large, architectural shapes. They are often confused with the rhododendron, as they are very similar, … Read More

Myrtle Flowering Plant: Different Types, How To Grow and Plant Care

The name Myrtle is derived from the Greek word myrrh, which became a general word to refer to perfume, which is apt as the Myrtle flower can produce a lovely essential oil with an intense fragrance. The myrtle tree comes from the Myrtus genus of the Myrtaceae family, created in 1753 by Linnaeus. While around 600 species of plants were … Read More

Aster Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The aster has been a favorite around the world for centuries.  While it’s part of the daisy family and often confused as the daisy, because of its similar shape, and it’s ability to grow pretty much anywhere, they are two completely different flowers with very different symbolism. There are three main types of asters to know, and which are often … Read More