What To Do With Orchids After Blooming: 3 Easy Options

Orchids are beautiful and fussy plants, and it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to do with them, especially once they have stopped flowering. It doesn’t mean the plant is on its way out, and you actually have several options when it comes to what you should do next. It’s also not a complicated process to encourage … Read More

Moss Pole DIY: How To Make The Perfect Support In 7 Easy Steps

Maybe you’ve been trying to make do with supporting your ever-growing plants with bamboo canes, bits of twine, or even a mishmash of cocktail sticks.  This is a great temporary fix, but when your plants get really giant, there is one suitable support that will stop your plant hobby from becoming hell.  Enter the moss pole. Without it, large plants … Read More

17 Spectacular Coleus Varieties For Sun And Growing Tips

Coleus plants are perfect when you want a lot of dramatic colors very quickly, as they grow in very little time, and it helps that they aren’t complicated plants to care for.  These plants come in pretty much any shade and color combination you can think of, so there is a type for every garden style and planting scheme. Some … Read More

Hoya Curtisii: Expert Care And Propagation Tips

Hoyas can put some people off as their flowers are so elaborate and beautiful, some people assume that these plants are difficult to care for, but this isn’t the case. They are very easy to grow, and it’s obvious when something in their care or environment is not quite right as the plant gives you clear signs that it’s not … Read More

Turn An Aquarium Into A Terrarium: 9 Super Easy Steps!

One of the coolest ways to keep houseplants is in a terrarium. There are many advantages to this.  Not only do they look amazing, they are often much easier to keep than the plants outside a terrarium, as there’s plenty of moisture and humidity to be had, rather than trying to get the plants to adapt to the dry air … Read More

15 Amazing Monstera Varieties to Add to Your Collection

There is no other genus that has taken hold of houseplant enthusiasts quite like Monstera.  For many people, it is a ‘gateway plant’ into houseplants, where buying a single monstera plant on a whim has turned into a full-on houseplant obsession.  They can no longer walk past a plant aisle even in the grocery store without taking a look (or … Read More

Philodendron Silver Sword: Complete Care Guide And How To Propagate

Philodendrons are among the most popular houseplants, not just for how easy they are to keep, but also for their beautiful looks, which can vary widely between species. The Philodendron silver sword is particularly beautiful, featuring bold and silvery leaves that contrast well against any other houseplants you might already have.  Not sure if this plant is for you? Here’s … Read More

Monstera deliciosa vs. borsigiana: Are These The Same Plant?

Plants can be confusing to distinguish between different species at the best of times.  Quite often they are transferred from their original genus, which they have been a part of for hundreds of years, and reclassified into an entirely new species when we discover more about them. It doesn’t help that the original names are used more often than the … Read More

Hoya Multiflora: 7 Care Tips On How To Grow The Shooting Star Hoya

The Shooting Star Hoya, botanically known as Hoya multiflora, is one of the most beautiful hoyas you can grow in your home, and that really is saying something. It lives up to its botanical name perfectly, as multiflora means many flowers. More often than not, this plant is producing buds, or it’s already in the middle of a dramatic display … Read More

Sansevieria Flowers: How To Get Snake Plants To Bloom

Snake plants are beautiful in their own right, grown across the world for their striking leaves and easy-going care. But did you know that these plants are capable of producing flowers, too? Sansevierias, now reclassified under the Dracaena genus, will flower if you give them the right conditions. But like a lot of plants that don’t often flower, these particular … Read More

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