Month: May 2023

Troubleshooting Calathea Problems | Yellow Leaves, Curling, Drooping And More

There is no doubt that Calatheas are among the most beautiful houseplants you can grow, transforming any room into a lush, tropical paradise. Unfortunately, they can be one of the most tricky species to grow properly, as when conditions aren’t right, they are very wrong, and your plants will soon let you know. Exactly how they will display their disgust … Read More

The Delicate Beauty Of The Lady Finger Cactus

Mammillaria elongata, better known as the Lady Finger Cactus or even the Gold Lace Cactus, is a striking plant that you should try growing at least once. It’s very undemanding, even for a cactus, making it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to plant care or those who forget to water and come back … Read More

Oyster Plant Care And Info | Tradescantia Spathacea

If you’re a fan of pink or purple houseplants, and you’re looking for something new to add to your collection, you can’t go wrong with Tradescantia spathacea, also known as the Oyster Plant. Like many of its relatives within the Tradescantia genus, it’s very easy to care for and grows quickly in the right conditions.  It also helps that you … Read More

How To Care For Peperomia Graveolens

Peperomia graveolens look very much like a member of the Crassula family rather than the Peperomia family, and this is part of its unusual charm. This plant is instantly recognizable for its fleshy red stems and red and green leaves, leaves with upturned edges. It hails from the Southern cliffs of Ecuador, and can reach about 10 inches tall when … Read More

Propagating Arrowhead Plants | In Water Or Soil

Syngonium podophyllum, or the Arrowhead Plant, is a great plant for any home, but it can get a little unruly after a while. The good news is that it responds well to regular pruning, and you can also make new plants out of what you take off from the original plant. Interested in propagating your Arrowhead Plant, and the different … Read More

The Exotic 4 O’Clock Flower

Four O’Clock Plants, otherwise known as Marvel Of Peru, or Mirabilis jalapa, are beautiful perennial plants that are bound to cheer up any garden with their bright colors. As you might guess, the common name comes from the curious way the flowers open in the later afternoon, usually around 4pm, where they stay open until the following morning. While these … Read More

Propagating Fittonia | In Water Or Soil

Fittonia plants are a staple of many terrariums and houseplant collections alike, and with their lightning-like patterns on the leaves, it’s not difficult to see why. These beautiful plants are easy to propagate, which is good news if you can’t get enough of them! Here’s everything you need to know about propagating Fittonia plants, including how to propagate them in … Read More

Licuala Grandis: Tips On How To Grow Your Own Ruffled Fan Palm

Licuala grandis, otherwise known as the Ruffled Fan Palm, or the Palas Palm, is one of the most stunning palms you can grow indoors. It makes an instant impression in any room, never failing to impress with its elaborate, fan-shaped leaves that are the epitome of elegance. Palm enthusiasts and those with a flair for interior design are always on … Read More

Prince Of Orange – You’re Going to “Fall” For This Philodendron

There are many stunning Philodendrons to choose from, but one of the most striking next to Philodendron Pink Princess is Philodendron Prince Of Orange.  This hybrid Philodendron is easy to grow, and it’s more compact than other species, with a dense growth habit that gives it a lush appearance. Not sure if the Prince Of Orange is for you? Let’s … Read More

Growing Corn Plants Indoors

A popular plant for homes and offices alike, the Corn Plant, otherwise known as Dracaena fragrans, is a beautiful plant that softens the look of any room, no matter what kind of plants, style, or furniture you have already. It also helps that there are different named varieties to choose from, but for the most part, this plant will be … Read More