Month: December 2022

Watermelon Peperomia: Vital Care Tricks And How To Propagate

Peperomia argyreia, also known as the Watermelon peperomia is a stunning plant, grown all over the world, always a firm favorite with leaves that resemble the skin of a watermelon. Unlike the fruit it looks like, the foliage of this plant can be quite delicate, and if you don’t get the conditions right, you could end up killing this plant … Read More

Wilting And Drooping Peace Lily? 11 Most Common Reasons Why And Easy Fixes

Peace lilies are wonderful plants that are easy to grow, but if you’ve grown one before, you may know that these plants can be dramatic if there is something wrong with their care. You might think that you’re doing well with your peace lily and all of a sudden the leaves flop, producing immediate panic. Have you killed your plant? … Read More

32 Best Types of Dumb Cane Plants to Grow

The dumb cane plant, leopard lily, or Dieffenbachia is a fantastic plant which works well as part of a large shady border, but it’s also a popular houseplant thanks to its tolerance of very low light.  As they hail from the New World Tropics, they need a warm environment to thrive, and if you do live in a colder area, … Read More

Tradescantia Zebrina Care: 7 Tips To Help Your Inch Plant Thrive

The inch plant, or Tradescantia zebrina, is an absolutely stunning trailing plant, with glittery leaves in shades of green, near-silver, and purple stripes.  Tradescantia zebrina is a vigorous plant that grows extremely well, and you will need to keep propagating it to keep the growth healthy, but this only takes a couple of minutes.  It’s a very easy plant to … Read More

Tropical Hibiscus Dying Or Struggling? 7 Ways To Revive Your Plant

Tropical hibiscus plants are absolutely beautiful, but like all stunning plants, they can be a little tricky to care for even at the best of times.  There are many problems you might find with growing hibiscus, and it’s likely that you will see more than one at once, which means growing this plant can be more complicated than you bargained … Read More

Syngonium Podophyllum Plant: Expert Care And Propagation Tips

The Arrowhead Vine, known botanically as Syngonium podophyllum, is a fantastic choice for any home, as it makes a big impression with its bold, arrow-shaped leaves that come in different colors. These plants are not complicated, and as long as you get the care right, they will give any room lots of interest.  These plants can look a little messy … Read More

How To Propagate A Spider Plant: 5 Easy Methods

Spider plants are very easy to grow, provided that you get the watering and light levels right most of all.  If you’ve been growing these beautiful plants for a while, and you have a mature spider plant, you may notice that your plant starts to produce baby spider plants on long stems, and you can propagate these in two ways. … Read More

31 Best Houseplants for North-Facing Windows

As someone who does not have any Southern-facing windows myself, it’s always frustrating going plant-shopping and doing a little research into some of the most beautiful plants, and then realizing that they only do well in warm climates, and ideally need a South-facing position. While grow lights are somewhat of a solution, not all of us have the right set … Read More

Rubber Plants: Ultimate Growing Guide, Common Problems And How To Fix Them

The rubber plant, also known as Ficus elastica, is a gorgeous houseplant that can live for years and add a lot of greenery to your home, even purifying the air, but it is not without its problems. It’s not the easiest houseplant to care for, but if you get the care right, rubber plants can grow to over 3 feet … Read More