Month: November 2022

20 Common Types Of Boston Ferns You Can Grow

Ferns are beautiful plants that make an impact on any space with their feathery leaves, provided that you give them indirect light and some humidity. While some ferns can be fussy and even downright difficult for beginners, the Boston fern is among the easiest to grow, and it helps that it is one of the most lovely ferns. It’s evergreen, … Read More

Alocasia Amazonica & Alocasia Polly Care: Secrets To Success

Alocasias are absolutely gorgeous plants, but they are often misunderstood, and a little complicated to care for, especially when it comes to growing indoors. But once you know the signs of an unhappy alocasia, it’s not complicated to fix any problems in the growing conditions, and these plants make a great addition to any indoor jungle.  While all alocasias are … Read More

Droopy Moth Orchid Leaves: How To Revive Your Plant

Moth orchids are beautiful plants, but they are a fast learning curve. They have quite different requirements to other plants, and you won’t really understand this until you try to grow one! If you don’t understand why your orchid plant is unhappy, you may soon find yourself throwing the poor thing in the trash if problems persist for too long.  … Read More

How Do You Care For Hoya Linearis? 8 Important Growing Tips

Hoyas are popular houseplants that don’t need a lot of attention in order to thrive, trailing over any hanging pot like a green waterfall, but one that stands out particularly well among the rest is Hoya linearis.  What sets it apart from the rest is its distinctive leaves, which are slender and covered in a soft fuzz, whereas most hoyas … Read More

Whale Fin Snake Plant: Top Sansevieria Masoniana Care Tips

There are many unusual houseplants that have their own kind of novelty, and if you like snake plants, you’re in for a treat with the whale fin snake plant, with its humongous leaves that look like the fins of a whale!  This snake plant isn’t always easy to source, but the good news is that it is very easy to … Read More

Philodendron Brasil: 9 Simple Care And Propagation Tips

Philodendrons are beautiful plants that grow quickly, and don’t need a lot of attention in order to thrive. One variety that is particularly beautiful is Philodendron Brasil, thanks to its boldly variegated foliage.  It’s not a complicated plant, but there are some things you should know in order to get it looking at its best. Let’s take a look at … Read More

Monstera Aerial Roots: 7 Common Questions Answered

Monsteras are beautiful plants that set any room off with massive leaves, thick stalks, and huge aerial roots. These roots give a jungle-like, prehistoric look to the plant, but they also have a job to do. But are aerial roots a problem? How do you recognize them? Should you cut them back? Here’s everything you should know. What Are The … Read More

Anthurium Clarinervium: The Secret To Growing Them

Anthurium Clarinervium, also known as the velvet cardboard anthurium for its beautiful, heart-shaped leaves with a velvety texture and white veins, is a gorgeous plant worthy of any collection. Anthuriums have been enjoying a growth in popularity lately, not just because they are beautiful, but because they can be quite easy to care for.  This is true of the flamingo … Read More

How To Propagate The Snake Plant, Or Sansevieria, In Water

Snake plants are beautiful, not difficult to take care of, and it also helps that you can propagate them really easily, getting new plants for free. Propagating snake plants only takes a few minutes to set up, and the hardest part is resisting the urge to check them for roots every five minutes!  One of the easiest ways to propagate … Read More

Hoya Kerrii Care: Expert Grow Tips And What To Avoid

The sweetheart hoya, Valentine’s hoya, or Hoya kerrii is a beautiful plant that is easy to take care of, and will live for years without much attention, making a fabulous addition to any room or houseplant collection.  But there are things that you should know before you go out and buy one, especially when you see a single love-heart leaf … Read More