Month: September 2022

Companion Planting: What Flowers Should You Plant Together?

Choosing plants for your garden is often a little more difficult than simply picking the ones that you adore.  That’s certainly part of it, but there are plants that you should never group together.  Similarly, there are some that work amazingly well together, not only decoratively, sometimes even benefitting the health of each other and of your overall garden. But … Read More

Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lotus flowers are among the most beautiful of aquatic plants, also known as sacred lotuses, or Nelumbo nucifera.  In the wild, you can find it in the slow-moving waters of Southeast Asia, as well as cultivated water gardens, ponds and rivers across the world. In art, you’ll find it all over the world in many different mediums. But what does … Read More

Calla Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

One of the most eye-catching flower types that aren’t a true lily is the calla lily. These beautiful plants are a favorite of gardeners, florists, wedding designers, and houseplant lovers everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why. But what does the calla lily mean?  The Calla Lily At A Glance Calla lily flowers are associated with grace, peace, and … Read More

11 Best Flowering Bonsai Trees: How to Grow and Plant Care

When it comes to bonsai trees, you might picture miniature trees with twisted roots and curved trunks, in rectangular pots, and while that’s true, there’s a little more to them.  You may have tried to grow one yourself and when it died, you’ve stayed away from them since, dismissing them as too difficult. One thing that may draw you back … Read More