Month: June 2022

Calluna (Heather; Scottish Heather; Common Heather)

Calluna is the smallest genus within the Ericaceae plant family, as it is only made up of one species of plant. This plant is called Calluna vulgaris, or heather. You can find it in many parts of Europe and Asia, as long as the soil is acidic. More often than not, this gorgeous plant lives happily in wide, open spaces, … Read More

Lantana (Shrub Verbena)

Part of the Verbenaceae plant family, you’ll find about 150 different perennial plants within the Lantana genus. They come from tropical parts of both Africa and the Americas and have been introduced in other warm areas. Most verbenas that belong to the Lantana genus grow as shrubs, but you will find a few herbaceous perennials in this group, too. At … Read More

Protea (Protea)

There are 112 identified species within the Protea genus, belonging to the Proteaceae plant family. All hail from dry regions of South Africa, and bloom in fantastic shapes and colors.  Protea Plants At A Glance Protea flowers are among the oldest in existence, and there is a huge variety of color, size, and shape to choose from.  The flowers look … Read More

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