Month: May 2022

Sedum (Stonecrop)

Sedum is a genus belonging to the Crassula plant family, and these plants are also known as stonecrops. As it contains at least 500 different species, this is one of the larger succulent groups. This genus is among the most diverse within the Crassulaceae plant family. Some plants are annuals, biennials, or perennials, depending on the variety you choose. While … Read More

Gentiana (Gentian)

Gentian plants belong to the Gentiana genus, which is made up of about 400 different species in the Gentianaceae family, making this a fairly large genus. These beautiful flowers are easily recognizable, with their vivid colors made up of around 5 sepals, stamens, and petals. Most of the time, these flowers come in a bright blue, but you may find … Read More


One of the largest genera of flowering perennial plants, the begonia genus is made up of more than 2000 different species.  Most hail from tropical and subtropical parts of the world, meaning that they can only be grown as houseplants in colder climates, but some are suitable for bedding plants in these parts of the world, too. Most begonias are … Read More

Trillium (Wake Robin; Birthroot)

The Trillium genus is made up of roughly 50 different species of flowering plants, all of which belong to the bunchflower plant family, Melanthiaceae.  You can find these species in the wild in parts of Asia and North America, mostly within the Appalachian Mountains. If you’re looking for unusual flowers that thrive in shady gardens, those belonging to the trillium … Read More

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