Month: January 2022

Rockrose (Cistus): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

If you’re after a robust shrub that will bring a lot of life and color into your garden, the rockrose or Cistus is a great choice.  It will fill up any empty space fairly quickly, whether that’s somewhere exposed or sheltered, able to tolerate salty soil, drought, hot temperatures and strong winds. At a Glance: What You Should Know About … Read More

Dracaena Plant: Best Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Dracaena plants are very easy to care for, and combining that with their lovely, variegated and elongated foliage and thick, bamboo-like stems, they are grown indoors as houseplants all over the world. While they are slow to grow, they provide a lot of architectural structure and greenery into any indoor space, but they also have some health benefits. Here’s everything … Read More

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree: A Beginner’s Guide

The Pinus thunbergii, or the Japanese Black Pine, is a beautiful tree often chosen for growing as a bonsai tree, as it grows dense needle-like foliage in pairs, contrasting well against a gray, crackled trunk which turns black as it ages. It’s one of the most famous plants used for bonsai trees, while being one of the most forgiving types … Read More

Bee Balm (Monarda): Different Types, Plant Varieties, and How To Grow

Filling your garden with an array of vivid flowers in a range of color not only helps to attract pollinators and improves the health of your garden’s ecosystem, but it also does wonders in lifting your mood and making you feel relaxed, in your own slice of paradise. One plant that does all of these really well, is the bee … Read More

Purple Coneflowers: Different Types, Plant Varieties and Facts

One of the best ways to flood your garden with color through your borders and containers is to grow purple coneflowers.  These pigmented perennials are a part of the daisy plant family, and while there are plenty of gorgeous flowers to choose from, coneflowers really hold their own in terms of color and form, even in a completely packed, colorful … Read More

Echeveria pulvinata (3)

Echeveria Succulent Plant: Different Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

A very popular succulent, Echeveria pulvinata or the Chenille plant, comes from the Crassula plant family, in the Echeveria genus, famous for succulent, evergreen rosettes. Echeveria pulvinata is a lovely plant which is covered in silvery hairs from leaf to stem, and this curious characteristic has given the plant the common name chenille plant. Here’s everything you need to know … Read More

Primrose Flowers: Types and How to Grow and Plant Care

Primroses are very popular perennial plants that are famed for their beautiful, vivid color, and their ability to adapt to different environments. There is a type of primrose for every season, providing your garden with year-round color and interest.  Some flower in the early spring, all the way through until the last days of summer. Other varieties provide much needed … Read More

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