Month: January 2022

Lemon Cypress Bonsai Tree (Cupressus Macrocarpa): How to Grow and Plant Care

The lemon cypress is a wonderful cultivar of the Monterey cypress tree. Its typical conical shape, lime green foliage, and citrus scent make it an incredible focal point in any garden, but what can really bring it out, is growing it as a bonsai tree. It’s probably not the first thing you’d consider making a bonsai tree out of. Perhaps … Read More

Vanilla Orchids: Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

While we may take vanilla for granted, remarking about how it’s frequently overused, flooding and outdoing other notes in food, using it as a synonym for boring or bland, not many people are aware that vanilla (not the synthetic flavoring), real vanilla, comes from an orchid. Vanilla orchids produce fruit pods only if the flowers of a certain vanilla orchid … Read More

Begonia Plant: How To Grow and Plant Care

Whether you’re an indoor plant enthusiast, or you have the room and the means to grow them outdoors, there’s a begonia for every taste, planting scheme and space available. Begonias are diverse plants which have definitely endured for as long as we’ve been growing them. They have fallen out of favor and returned with a resurgence in popularity repeatedly, and … Read More

Cymbidium (Boat) Orchids: Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

While phalaenopsis orchids are probably the most widely-grown orchid, there are others that you should try growing at least once. One particular type that should always be on your list is the Cymbidium orchid, or the boat orchid. While they are quite difficult to care for if you’ve never grown an orchid before, they produce a plethora of flower spikes, … Read More

Osmanthus Flower Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Osmanthus Flower Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Osmanthus plants are wonderful shrubs that are sure to bring a lot of color and variety into your garden, which aren’t hugely picky about their growing conditions, making them suitable for a huge range of garden landscapes and designs. They’ll provide color throughout the year with their attractive, evergreen leaves. If you pick the right variety, they will also flower … Read More

Redwood Bonsai

Redwood Bonsai (Metasequoia/Sequoia): How to Grow and Plant Care

You may know that some of the tallest trees in the world are redwood trees. The dawn redwood, or Metasequoia glyptostroboides, is very old, some fossils date back as far as 90 million years.  It was thought to be extinct, until it was discovered growing happily in China, in 1941. They also make excellent bonsai trees. Read on to discover … Read More

Spirea Bushes: Different Varieties, How to Grow and Plant Care

Spiraea, usually misspelled as spirea, are great for areas of your garden that could do with a multitude of color and structure, and you don’t want to wait very long.  Spirea plants are renowned for their extended flowering season, whether you choose spring or summer flowering types, they will provide you with seas of color for a solid month at … Read More

String of Hearts Plant (Ceropegia woodii): How to Grow and Plant Care

As most houseplants rarely flower when kept indoors, one of the main things that’s attractive in a houseplant is its foliage, whether that’s for huge, dark leaves found in a colocasia, the ‘living stone’ look of a lithops succulent, or the messages of affection often seen in the string of hearts. If you’re a fan of trailing houseplants with unusual … Read More

Oncidiums (Dancing Lady Orchids): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Oncidium orchids produce some of the most fantastic flowers, which is saying a lot, if you’ve ever seen the beautiful blooms that orchid plants are capable of producing. You may also see them referred to as the golden shower orchid, or the dancing lady orchid.  They’re not for the first time orchid-grower, that’s for sure, as they are more demanding … Read More

Forget-Me-Not Flowers: Types, How To Grow and Plant Care

Forget-me-nots are very easy to grow, and they will inject a plethora of color into your containers, beds, or borders with very little effort required.  They compliment a wide range of plants, and will match a range of planting schemes or themes to suit any garden.  Once you start growing them, you’ll find it difficult to refrain from sowing the … Read More

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